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The 8th month of the year is the first thing that flashes through my mind whenever I come across any of August Steiner watches in the market. That is basically because of the word “August.” However, the month has nothing to do with the wristwatch. 

August Steiner produces amazing timepieces of different alluring styles that can integrate into any occasions. However, before we dive into the august Steiner watch reviews, it is quite fitting that you become familiar with this reputable brand you are about to partner with. 

August Steiner – what makes the brand exceptional?

August Steiner is one of the brands to turn to whenever you consider opting for a classy and contemporary watches with exceptional value and beauty. The brand was established in 2006, and she has garnered recognition locally and globally for the production of dynamic timepieces. 

Since the inception of the brand, there have been numerous styles of wristwatches which have gained attention from watch enthusiasts, and they are crafted from the finest materials which make them beat off competition from the best brands in the watch industry. 

The quality and exceptional services make August Steiner stand out among many others. They are firmly committed to offering amazing timepieces with a stylish flair that will always be of great interest to every watch enthusiast out there.

Without further ado, I would love to share my entire experience with some of the distinctive watches you should consider among August Steiner watches if you find yourself in the market to purchase a wristwatch. 

August Steiner Watch Reviews

Top August Steiner Watches Review For Men’s

August Steiner Printed Genuine Leather Luminous Men’s Watch

One of the facilitating watches you should consider is the August Steiner Printed Globe. The design of the watch says much about the timepiece. It has the look of an expensive watch, yet it is one of the cheapest in the market. The price jaw-dropping and I can tell you the price is nowhere closer to the value of the wristwatch.

What more can you desire from a watch that offers you all you can get from the August Steiner Printed Globe. It meticulously provides you everything you ever want from a watch. It adds to your value and fashion sense for as long you have it wrapped on your wrist. 

The craftsmanship of the wristwatch is superb as it embodies bold 44mm case with a matte finish and a well-polished coin edge bezel. The stylish globe design on the inner section of the dial is alluring while you can see clearly on the outer part of its roman numeral markers to help you understand the time better.

Also, the watch is powered by 24-hour GMT Quartz movement, which helps you to keep track two time zones at the same time easily. On the dial, you will see arrow and Dauphine style hands that are filled with luminous which help you to know the time, especially in the dark conditions.

Furthermore, the craftsmanship boasts of soft Nubuck leather strap which offers you comfort for as long as you have the wristwatch on your hand. Also, it has a 100-meter resistance to water, which means it can withstand splashes of water and never to be used for swimming.


  • Longitude and latitude globe dial
  • Genuine leather strap with stitching
  • Polished case with coin-edge bezel
  • 24 hours time display
  • Luminous hands
  • Water-resistance within 100 feet
  • Precise Japanese Quartz movement
  • The case size is 44mm

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August Steiner Men’s Steel Quartz Watch – AS8209

Looking for a timepiece with the highest level of simplicity then you should opt for August Steiner AS8209. It is just another timepiece from August, and it has no special features except the design on the dial of the watch. 

It is perfect for all kinds of occasions but fit perfectly for any official outings. I sincerely love the simple design of the watch because I am not a fan of sophisticated styles. Everyone who loves simple artistic timepiece will always have this watch on top of their list.

It has elegant retrograde day arc situated at the 4 o’clock window on the dial of the watch, and the alligator embossed soft leather strap is comfy and handy, which makes the watch attractive. It falls in the category of the quartz movement, boasts of 100 ft water resistant but not ideal for swimming. 


  • Water resistance up to about 100ft
  • The case size is 49mm
  • Quartz movement
  • Embossed genuine leather strap
  • The elegant retrograde day arc 

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August Steiner Men’s Complication Watch – Dual Time Zone Display

The next watch on our list is the August Steiner Men’s Complication Watch that has top pedigree among watch pieces in the market. All that the watch portray isn’t about design alone but on how it adds value to you and as well enhance your fashion sense. 

The watch is beautiful and will be a great gift to your husband or any man. Speaking of the art of style and technology of the watch, it is one that is quite difficult to resist for any watch enthusiasts out there. The materials used are topnotch with which they combine style with function.

 Just like the printed globe style watch, it has dual time window on the dial, with the roman numeral on one and markers on the second. The artistic style on the dial makes it alluring to the eyes of everyone that sees the wristwatch.

Looking at the stylish allow bracelet, you can be assured of a vintage look whenever you have the wristwatch on your hand. Also, the bracelet is comfortable on the hand, and you can wear for extended period without feeling any pain or pressure on your hand. 

The watch boasts of the quartz movement, and the double-time features make it an ideal option for those who love to explore and take new challenges. Also, it has limited water resistance feature, which is an indication that it can only withstand splashes of water and not immersion.


  • Amazing alloy bracelet
  • Dual time windows
  • Mineral crystal
  • Case size is 42mm
  • Quartz movement

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August Steiner Men’s Gold Multifunction Quartz Watch

The August Steiner Men’s is sure a masterpiece that looks sophisticated on the outside but cheap and affordable for every watch lover out there to acquire. It has a fresh design and decorative finish that makes it appealing to every that set their eyes on the wristwatch.

If you are an individual that is easily moved by the appearance of a watch, this will walk straight into your heart without any issue. It comes with radiant dial and three hand movement on the watch.

Also, on the dial is the date window located at the 3 O’clock window. It has an inner tachymeter scale. One of the reasons you will as well fall in love with the wristwatch is the individual hands that boast of gold-tone stick index with luminescent.

The luminescent on the hour and minute hands give bright light, which makes it easier for anyone to see the time in the dark. The craftsmanship permits the use of the watch with water within 30 meters, and anything beyond that will damage the watch. 

Curious about the case? It comes with a polished two-tone alloy case that has coin-edged bezel engraved in with. It boasts of black genuine leather strap that has a buckle to keep the wristwatch in your hand comfortably.


  • Radiant black dial with three-hand movement
  • Tachymeter
  • Luminescent filled gold-tone hour and minute hands
  • Polished two-tone allow case
  • Coin edge bezel
  • Black genuine soft leather strap
  • Quartz movement with analog display
  • Water-resistant to 100 ft
  • The case size of 46mm

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August Steiner Men’s Skeleton Automatic Mechanical Movement Watch

Here is another amazing masterpiece from August Steiner and it is known as Men’s Skeleton Watch. It isn’t just referred to that as fun but basically because of the design and the look of the watch. You can almost see all that the wristwatch is made up of.

The work skeleton isn’t the bone of any creature but simply means transparency. It shows you the component of the watch, albeit you can’t touch because it is enclosed by the crystal glass. It comes with the men’s standard band and should fit every watch lover.

The watch commands respect from viewers and as well add value to the wearer. It has all that you ever wanted from a wristwatch. It has an automatic self-winding movement, which means it doesn’t need any battery to work but the movement of the wearer. 

The wristwatch is meticulously crafted with high-end materials, which makes it one of the best to consider for every watch fanatic out there. It fits perfectly into any official and casual settings. The design is elegant and appealing. 

It boasts of a soft leather strap that makes it comfy on the hand. It is just a matter of some time for you to have the watch as your favorite considering high end and finesse display. Also, its build-up makes it strong to handle any rugged use, and it can withstand water within 3 ATM.


  • Transparent skeleton dial
  • Elegant alloy case
  • Soft genuine leather strap
  • Stainless Steel Tang Buckle
  • Automatic Movement 
  • Classic Three Hand Movement 
  • Polished Finish Alloy Case 
  • Dauphine Style Hands
  • Applied Arabic Numeral Markers
  • Polished Beveled Alloy Bezel
  • Mineral Crystal with Hardened Coating
  • Push and Pull Fluted Crown with Logo
  • 3 ATM Water Resistant 

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August Steiner Men’s Dual Time Zone Genuine Leather Watch

Without a doubt, this amazing timepiece should come very expensive based on the outward appearance, but the good about August Steiner watches is that they are built with high-quality materials but cheap and affordable to anyone.

The August Steiner Men’s Dual Time Zone Watch is one of the styles for men out there to consider for those in need of a stylish watch that has an overwhelming design.

The first thing you would notice about the wristwatch is the dynamic, stylish design which is crafted to walk straight into the heart of every watch fanatic. The wristwatch is designed with premium materials, and that can only offer nothing except optimal performance. 

It has a smooth polish alloy case that is big to fit the wrist of any man. And the sophisticated look is enough to be a win situation for every lover of the stylish watch. It indeed adds to your fashion sense, boost your value wherever you take the wristwatch to. 

It is comfy to wear even for a long period as it boasts of smooth and soft genuine leather strap with an embossed alligator pattern. Come to think of it, and it comes with dual time operation in which the primary time zone displays at the 3 O’clock side with the second at the 9 O’clock window. 

The design makes it fit perfectly into casual and official settings. Each of the dual time boasts of its swiss quartz movement for absolute precision and accuracy. With the use of the crown on the wristwatch, you can always control the watch to your own taste. 


  • Polished finish alloy case
  • Engraved diamond-patterned dial
  • Double step designed bezel
  • Double time watch with two-time zone movement
  • Precise Quartz movement
  • Classic three-handed movement with alpha style hand
  • The case size of 43mm
  • 30 Ft water resistance

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August Steiner Multifunction Designer Men’s Day and Date Watch 

Men are just at the top of their world with amazing watches from August Steiner, and one that befits every man out there is the August Steiner Multifunction Designer Men’s Watch. It is a sophisticated watch that can be of great interest to pilots because of the features it commands.

The wristwatch is meticulously designed to give you a classy look. It comes with different styles and color options for you to choose the one that suit you or anyone you are getting the wristwatch for. 

The watch is simple in its design but has intricate features, which make it look professional and sophisticated. Anyone wearing this fabulous timepiece will feel at the top of the world. The watch comes with a studded leather strap, which makes the watch elegant and comfortable. 

It boasts of the classic matte dial which comprises of a retrograde dial between the 3 and 6 O’clock windows which shows the day and the two small sub-dials which shows the date of each day and 24 hours display. The wristwatch is powered by a quartz movement. 

The leaf style hands of the wristwatch have a luminous fill, which helps anyone to see the time clearly in the dark without straining their eyes. It has limited resistance to water but should not be immersed in the water because of the leather strap that fits in hand with the help of the tang buckle.


  • Genuine Leather Strap with 2 Studs
  • Day of the Week Retrograde Dial
  • Date Sub Dial
  • 24 Hour Sub Dial
  • Classic Three Hand Movement
  • Polished Finish Alloy Case
  • Matte Dial
  • Leaf Style Hands with Luminous Fill
  • Mineral Crystal with Hardened Coating
  • Polished alloy bezel

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It looks as though the world of August Steiner watches are only made for men, but that is far from being true as we have selected some of the best to be considered by women below. 
August Steiner Women's Watch

August Steiner Women’s Watch

August Steiner Women’s Diamond & Crystal Swiss Quartz Watch

The August Steiner Women’s Diamond & Crystal Accented Swiss Quartz Two-Tone Bracelet Watch is a stunning timepiece designed for every woman who cherishes adornment. The watch comes with the case diameter of about 35.5 mm, which should fit the hand of average women out there.

The wristwatch is a masterpiece from August Steiner and women will be so glad to have finally found one of the best to add value to their fashion sense. It perfectly fits any kind of occasion but perfectly fits occasional outings.

The design of the watch shows it is made of high-quality materials which reveals how much effort and resources that were put in place to make this amazing timepiece. It has diamond dial of which it hosts twelve genuine diamond hour markers.

It has a super stylish crystal-encrusted bezel, boasts of swiss-quartz movement, and it is resistant to water within 33 feet. The alloy bracelet reveals perfectly the value of the watch. Every woman that is a great fan of bracelet watch will always choose the watch above others in the market. 


  • Twelve genuine diamond hour markers
  • Beautiful crystal-encrusted bezel
  • Swiss-quartz Movement
  • Water Resistant To 33 Feet
  • The case diameter of 35.5 mm
  • Two-tone bracelet

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August Steiner Women’s Rose Gold Watch

The next watch for the women from August Steiner is known as August Steiner Women’s Rose Gold Swiss Quartz Watch with Brown Dial and Rose Gold Bracelet. From the outward look of the wristwatch, it has everything a watch needs to win over one’s interest. 

The design of the wristwatch is an epitome of class as it shows it was created with deep thinking to ensure it meets and compete with every expensive wristwatch in the market. It comes with top quality features, and it is cheap and affordable.

Without a doubt, the price of the watch is nowhere the quality of the materials the watch is made of. It has brown radiant sunburst dial that has on it three-hand movement. Also, on the dial is the day and date located at the 6 O’clock window.

The wristwatch boasts of rose gold-tone roman numerals with luminescent filled rose gold-tone leaf style hands that can glow in the dark for you to see what the time says. It is in the categories of quartz movement wristwatch with an analog display with 30 m water-resistant feature. 


  • Classic three-hand indication with separate day and date windows
  • Polished stainless steel link bracelet with rose gold-tone finish
  • Beautiful genuine diamond studs around the edges
  • 35 mm Case size

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What are the important things you should consider when buying August Steiner wristwatch?

There are many things that you should consider as watch enthusiast if your next pick is from August Steiner and they include


One of the reasons we buy wristwatch is because of the value-added. It boasts one’s fashion sense. It is of no good to purchase a wristwatch that will have nothing to add to the wearer. August Steiner is one of the most respected in the industry because it produces amazing watches using high-quality materials.


You must agree to the fact that quality wristwatches come very expensive and that can be seen with some brands such as Seiko and some others. August Steiner realizes that people desire quality timepiece and can’t afford to break the bank to acquire one.

However, this led to them creating quality timepieces that could have been on the high end but comes very cheap and affordable for anyone to purchase. 


The next thing in line for consideration is the features of the watch. August Steiner watch comes with all kind of features, and you need to highlight those you want from your watch and see to it that you choose the one that meets the requirements. 

Frequently asked questions on August Steiner watches.

How good are August Steiner watches?

Since the inception of the August Steiner brands, they have produced numerous products, and they are nothing but the best. Looking at the design, structure, and style of their watches, we can say without a doubt that their watches have proven to be among the best in the world of watches.

What are the prices of the watches?

From the design and structure, you might be looking at a high price for most of August Steiner watches but most comes as low below $100 which is sure a great sigh of relief for those craving for high-quality watches

Which August Steiner watch is perfect for you?

The whole goal of having a masterpiece will be null if you have the wrong size on your hand. Therefore, that which determines a perfect watch for you is to select the right size and style for you. Consider the strap either stainless steel or leather strap and choose the one that will suit you over design.


We have given all we could to do justice to August Steiner watch reviews with comprehensive research through reviews and gathered information from resources online and from experts who have quality knowledge of the brands and some of the watches we have on our list. We really do hope you can make the right call with what we have offered in this post.

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