TruWood Watch Review – The Best Wood Watches

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TruWood is one of the most respected watch brands in the world. Every brand is known for one thing or the other and the same with this brand. It is why we choose to share with you in the TruWood watch review for you to get familiar with this reputable brand.

The journey all started in May 2016. TruWood looked into the watch market and noticed a gap which she decides to fill. Years back, you would probably say it is not possible to have a wristwatch made from natural wood.

But now, we have amazing wristwatches made from this brand. Their watches are all made from different natural woods such as olive wood, sandalwood, and many more. The idea is to get economical and as well as promote nature.

TruWood partners with farmers to get natural wood for the production of their watches, and that means they are not only after watch production but also empowering others by creating a source of living for farmers.

We have here for you the top list of watches from this fantastic brand, and we will love to start with men’s collection and then end with women’s group.

TruWood Watch Review

Best TruWood Watches Reviews For Men

1. TruWood Stark Wooden Watch with Maplewood and All Wood Band

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Features We Like

  • Sapphire coated mineral crystal glass
  • Wood case size of 44 mm
  • Original Japanese Miyota Quartz movement
  • Wooden band with stainless steel deployment clasp

Contemplating on choosing TruWood Stark Wooden Watch with Maplewood and All Wood Band is never a wrong act, but after all that I have experienced with the watch, I can clearly say to the world that it is a dynamic watch with a top fantastic design that is overwhelming.

At first, I asked myself how possible it is to have a watch with a wood band, then the wristwatch changed my view. You should as well ask how comfortable it will be to have a wood band wristwatch on the hand, but I must confess all these have been put into consideration during the construction of this fantastic watch.

Surprisingly, the watch is lightweight, and you can have it on your hand for as long as you want. It is made from the best hand-picked wood, thereby ensuring it is unique and of great value. The design of the watch makes it ideal for all kind of dress code.

It was built to last long, and that makes it durable and robust. The case of the watch is made of natural wood, and it sure undergoes series of testing to ensure it meets with the standard of some quality watches in the market.

The dial comes with green design as it hosts three analog hand display and markers that are covered by the sapphire coated mineral crystal glass that is resistant to scratch.

2. TruWood Titan Zeus Wooden Watch

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Features We Like

  • Real wood design
  • Wood case
  • Stainless steel and wood band
  • The case size of 45 mm
  • Sapphire coated mineral crystal
  • Scratch resistance
  • Original Tourbillion automatic movement watch

Every man who is truly a watch fanatic will embrace this fantastic timepiece from TruWood. Here is the TruWood Titan Zeus Wooden Watch that is beautiful and well made for those who value and appreciate mother nature because it made purely from natural wood.

The wristwatch is made from quality wood that is lightweight, which makes it easier for anyone to wear on the hand for as long as they intend to have the watch on their hand. It is designed meticulously to fit men’s hand comfortably.

The watch has the trademark TruWood inscribed on the center of the black dial. The dial hosts a skeleton inner component of the watch where you can see all that the watch is made of. On the dial of the watch is the blue brightened hands and the gold markers.

The dial of the watch is protected with glass that is made from sapphire coated mineral crystal, and that makes it quite durable and resistant to scratches to a certain degree. Also, the case is made of wood, the watch boasts of automatic movement, and it is accurate all the time.

It is perfect for all kind of outings. The band that comes with the watch is made from wood, and the wood is joined together by a metal rod with gold stainless steel holding each section of the band together. It is built with long-lasting wood, which makes it an excellent value for its price.

3. TruWood Executive Wooden Watch with Maple Wood and Leather Strap

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Features We Like

  • Original Japanese Miyota quartz movement
  • Mineral crystal
  • Wood case
  • Black classy leather
  • Classy buckle for a snug fit

Just when you are wondering if TruWood ever made a wristwatch with the leather strap, then we decide to share the Executive Wooden Watch with Maple Wood and Leather Strap. It is a Powerful timepiece that can conveniently blow you away in the market because of its design.

The watch is well crafted not only to compete with the best in the market but to effortlessly meet the need of every TruWood watch lovers that love to have their watch with a comfy leather strap. The watch comes very cheaply and affordable as it has nothing special to make it expensive.

It has a light beige dial that host black markers and hands. It comes with the case size of 40 mm and falls among the family of analog automatic watches. The case of the watch is made of natural wood that is fastened in place with four different screws.

The watch comes with a black leather band that is comfy. It makes the watch lightweight and perfect for any dress code. It has on it the glass made from a mineral crystal that is designed to keep the dial safe, and it is resistant to scratch.

4. TruWood Minimal Wooden Watch

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Features We Like

  • Bamboo wood case
  • Original Japanese Miyota Quartz movement
  • Sapphire coated mineral crystal face
  • Comfy leather band
  • Analog display operation

If you are looking for a minimalist watch, the TruWood Minimal Wooden Watch is the best to consider. The watch has all it takes to show you understand fashion. It clearly shows your fashion sense and adds value to you whenever you have it on your hand.

The watch design is superb, and that makes it overwhelming for any watch enthusiast. I might be quite personal with the watch because I sincerely love the artistic design. It has nothing on the beige dial except the TW, which is the trademark of the brand.

The watch comes below hundreds of dollars, which makes it affordable to those who know the worth of the watch. It is a real value for its money. It has an analog hand display on the dial, and the casing of the watch is made from 100 percent natural bamboo wood.

The bamboo wood is strong and durable, and it makes the watch last longer, which makes it a great addition to your collection. The clean face of the watch provides sophistication and modern style. It goes on well with every dress code, and the comfy leather makes it stylish.

5. TruWood Expedition Quartz Wooden Watch

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  • Real wood construction
  • Smooth and polished wooden strap
  • Original Japanese Miyota Quartz movement
  • Stainless steel and wood case
  • Case size of 41 mm
  • Luminous fill on hour hands
  • Sapphire coated mineral crystal glass

What more can you desire from a watch that comes with a superb design and 100 percent accuracy performance? The watch artistic design is overwhelming, which make it quite difficult for anyone to resist in the market. The sleek finish look of the watch shows why it is one of the best, yet it is cheap and affordable.

The craftsmanship of this watch clearly shows the intelligence and the creativity behind it. Although it is made from natural wood, most people will think it will be heavy on the hand but surprisingly, the watch rest lightly on the wrist of anyone that has it on, and it looks great on anyone.

The watch is made of purely natural wood, which makes it durable and last longer. It has all it takes to withstand anything thrown at it. The beige dial of the watch host amazing and stylish markers and analog hands.

The hour and minute hands on the dial come with luminous fill, which makes it easier for anyone to see the time in the dark easily without straining their eyes. The stainless steel case comes with the size of 41 mm, and the smooth and polished wooden strap is held together with a classic butterfly strap.

Overall, the timepiece fits perfectly on any outfits. It adds to your value and makes takes your fashion sense to a greater height without you having to break the bank. It is built to last longer with the fantastic top-quality materials it is made from.

6. TruWood Sphinx Quartz Wooden Watch

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  • Original Japanese Miyota Quartz movement
  • Olive natural wood design
  • Wood case and band
  • Sapphire coated mineral crystal face
  • Blue hands

From the first glance at the wristwatch, you can tell that the creativity and the intelligence behind the creation of the watch are topnotch. You will notice the wood the watch is made of comes with deep brown color, and that is because it is from olive wood.

The olive wood is solid, hard, and durable, which mean it can handle anything thrown at it, especially by heavy users. The watch wood is well coated and smooth to give an exceptional finish. It walks straight into the categories of the best watch for all occasions.

The dial of the watch is black, and it hosts dual time. The hands of the watch have blue color, which adds style and dynamic look to the watch. Also, the wristwatch band has antimicrobial properties, which helps you to keep the watch safe.

The band is tightly held together with the classic butterfly strap, and the watch gives a snug fit on any man’s hand with the assistance of the deployment clasp. Overall, the case of 41 mm in size is made of stainless steel and wood, and the dial is covered by a sapphire coated mineral crystal face.

7. TruWood Pilot Wooden Watch

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  • Sapphire coated mineral crystal face
  • Natural sandal wood
  • Wooden band
  • Case size of 45 mm and made of natural wood
  • Durable and strong
  • Original Japanese Miyota Quartz movement

Looking at the watch, you will agree to the fact that it is the product of creativity and nothing more. The design of wristwatch clearly shows why it is regarded as one of the best from TruWood.

The wristwatch comes in a beautiful container. It has a tiny pull-out drawer that has a free wooden beaded bracelet, cleaning cloth and warranty for users. The watch is undoubtedly impressive, and it looks weighty, but it is very lightweight.

The subtle graphics background on the face makes it appealing to me. It is said to be designed as a pilot watch because of other designs it has on the dial. I am not a pilot, so I know nothing as regarding the importance of all that is on, but it seems not to get over its accuracy and the design of the timepiece.

The sandalwood the watch is made from makes it durable, hard, and reliable to beat any rigor of heavy use. The wooden band or strap is comfy and convenient on anyone’s hand for as long you intend to have it on your hand.
The watch has fantastic features which make it difficult to resist to watch fanatic, and one of the major ones is the luminous fill in the hands, which helps anyone to know the time during the dark condition.

TruWood Watches for Women

8. Rose Quartz Wooden Watch with Olive Wood for Women

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  • Wood and stainless-steel band material
  • The case size of 35 mm
  • White pearl dial color
  • Japanese Quartz Movement
  • Mineral crystal dial window

The wristwatch is a perfect choice for every woman who desires ant of TruWood products. It is a dynamic timepiece that shows why TruWood is one of the reputable brands in producing women watches. The watch is a minimalist watch that comes with a simple design.

The Rose Quartz Wooden Watch with Olive Wood for Women comes with all that is needed for a stylish watch. It is perfect in its operation, and its design is convincing. Everything about the watch is made of wood.

It is ideal for all kind of outings. It can be used for both official and casual meetings. The watch has a white pearl dial that host the hands and markers with the trademark of the brand written at the center of the watch.

The band of the watch is made of natural wood, and it is lightweight, which makes it easy to wear for a longer period. The size of the wooden case is 35 mm, and it is fastened in place with the help of four screws. Undoubtedly, the watch is a dynamic timepiece.

The smooth and polished wooden strap of the wristwatch is held together by a stainless-steel clasp. The band is not as big as those we have from the men section which tells you that women design was meticulously taken to heart when producing the wristwatch.

The watch requires one lithium battery to work, and it is included in the package. On the off chance that you need to change the battery, you will have to unscrew the screws on the case, remove the old battery, and then replace with new ones.

9. Minimal Wooden Watch with Bamboo and Leather Strap Women’s

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  • Case size of 35 mm
  • Leather band
  • Japanese Quartz movement
  • Analog display style
  • Mineral coated crystal window
  • Wooden case

There are many ways you can make your wife and female kids feel special, and one of it is getting them this amazing wristwatch. The watch clean face appeals to modern aesthetics and natural beauty, which makes it one of the best for a female watch lover.

The artistic design of the watch is top-notch as it fills the gap for those who desire quality watch but do not have the luxury of money to spend on acquiring one. The appearance calls for attention as it is dynamic in its look.

The watch is made of natural wood. Of course, you will wonder if the watch case can fit the wrist of any woman hand. I can tell you the size of 35mm is perfect for most women wrist. The watch shows the creativity of TruWood in integrating wood and leather for the production of the watch.

It is lightweight and comfy on the hand with the help of the super lightweight leather band that is fastened on the hand with the stainless-steel buckle.

If you are the type that loves a sophisticated watch that has many features on the dial, this watch is never for you. It has nothing on the beige dial except the hour hands and the trademark of the brand. It is simple in design and it is a great timepiece for any woman.

10. Stark Wooden Watch with Maplewood and All-Wood Band Women’s

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  • Green dial
  • 100% accurate
  • Original Japanese Miyota Automatic movement
  • Sapphire coated mineral crystal
  • Case wood of 35mm

The Stark Wooden Watch with Maplewood and All-Wood Band Women’s is one of the pride of the brand. It is a watch that can always be used anywhere without any restriction. It is superb and dynamic in its design.

The watch is sure a perfect gift for any female that loves wristwatch. It embossed all that is needed that you could desire from a watch. It is simple in its design which makes it a perfect choice for women. Those who cherish simple designer watch will choose this above the sophisticated styles in the market. The watch is classy with its fine smooth finish. It is made from real wood.

Every part of the watch is made of natural wood and the case is not an exception. It comes with the size of 35 mm and the band as well is made of wooden materials of which it has a stainless-steel clasp to ensure a snug fit on the hand.

The green dial of the watch hosts markers and hour hands with the TruWood trademark. The watch can be used for as long as you intend to use it because is its lightweight on the hand. The dial is covered by mineral crystal glass to keep the dial safe from any external force. The glass is resistant to scratch.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Truwood watch made of quality materials?

Every watch from TruWood is made from natural wood. Surprisingly, most of them are strong, hard and durable. Some have antimicrobial properties and they are long-lasting material.

Does it mean all the parts of the watch is made of wood?

If you are familiar with TruWood watches you will know that their trademark is wood. They are devoted in designing all kinds of stylish watch that is made purely from natural wood. From the case to the band, all is made from wooden material but the dial and the glass is the only part not made of glass.

However, there is some recent development as a result of demand from customers and that is the integration of leather band to the watch. So, therefore, there are some watches from TruWood that has both wooden material and leather strap in its design.

What’s the warranty or TruWood watches?

TruWood watches are made of high-quality materials. Most of their watches do come with one to two years warranty as stated by the manufacturer but if it is used lightly, one I’d likely to enjoy it for longer period.

Can the watch be used with any water sport?

Nowhere has it been written that it is water-resistant. Therefore, you should never use the watch anywhere near water.

Due to being made from wood, is the watch heavy?

Smiles, at first it was a concern for me until I got one of the watches. I keep doubting my decision until I received my order. It was totally lightweight and fits perfectly on the wrist.

Is TruWood expensive?

Obviously, any quality product you see in the market will come quite expensive. It is the same with TruWood. You can tell from the design and creativity of each artistic work that every one of their watches is sure the right value for its price.


If TruWood watch is one of your preferred choices among those quality timepieces in the market, then this TruWood watch review is the right post for you. We really do hope you find all that you need from this post to help you make the right call.

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