Are Wooden Watches good?

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Contrary to popular belief, not every wrist watch that you will see is made of some kind of metal. Well, at least not on the outside, anyway. That’s right, wooden watches are becoming an alternative to the shiny metal watches that we are all familiar with.

While it might seem unorthodox and strange at first, the concept is actually quite unique yet practical. They are proving to be a viable alternative to silicone and metal watches. No, the internal components aren’t made of wood; they are the same materials as most traditional watches.

The casing and the wristband, however, are made of wood. The cool thing is that you can find a wood watch that goes along with any style of clothing that you prefer. If you get one that is of high enough quality, the durability it provides may surprise you.

Here are the pros and cons of wooden watches.

The Pros of Wooden Watches

There are tons of benefits to implementing wooden watches into your life. Some are more practical than others, but you can expect the following.


Anyone who has gone watch shopping knows how expensive they can be. Metal watches can range from $40 or $50 into the $10,000 or more range. For someone who really does not want to spend a ton of money on a watch, that can be a daunting thing.

The good news is that wooden watches are substantially less expensive than their metal counterparts. You can get the low-end wooden watches for that $40 to $50 cost, but the high-end wooden watches is where the difference is. For a premier wooden watch, you will only pay a few hundred dollars as opposed to several thousand.

Environmentally Friendly

While it depends on the wood that they are made of, wooden watches can be quite eco-friendly. The bigger brands in the industry put a lot of effort into replanting forests so that they can counteract any of the negative aspects of the business.

Even if they don’t replant, going with wood over metal is more eco-friendly, anyways. Those who care about minimizing their footprint will have peace of mind with wooden watches.


Metal watches can get quite heavy depending on the material in question. With wooden watches, they are not only lightweight but quite comfortable to wear as well. Skip the heavy feel of a metal watch for something more fluid and lightweight.

No Weird Smell

While this is not necessarily a problem with metal watches, anyone who has worn a silicone or leather band knows where we are going with this. After being worn enough, those materials can leave your wrist (and the watch) smelling funky.

With wooden watches, you don’t have to worry about any bad odors when you sweat or wear your watch for a long time.

Unique Look

The cool thing about wooden watches is that they stand out compared to traditional timepieces. Wooden watches can be both stylish and versatile, providing unique options compared to their metal counterparts. Moreover, a quality wooden timepiece can really capture the attention of passersby.

The Cons of Wooden Watches

There are a ton of benefits to adding wooden watches to your wardrobe. That said, there are also a few downsides. There are only a handful of notable detriments but they may make a difference for you should you opt for a wooden watch.


Perhaps the greatest concern about wooden watches is in their durability. Metal watches can stand up to consistent pounding with very little to show for it except a few scuffs and scratches.

That is the primary reason that metal watches have remained so popular and prevalent for so long. When you care for a metal watch, it is something that can last for a lifetime. Unfortunately, that is not the case for wood.

As it is a natural material, it can and will deteriorate with time. Even if you care for it properly, time will win. Pests can get to it. It can be damaged by moisture, sweat, and even continuous exposure to sunlight.

Faux Wood

Part of what contributes to the brittleness of wooden watches is the materials that get used. In most cases, you are looking at authentic wood but that does not mean that they all are. As inexpensive as wood is, there are more than a few manufacturers out there using less expensive faux wood.

Plastic imitations of wood can give you the appearance of a wood without any of the benefits. Wooden watches struggle with durability over time, but faux imitations don’t even have that level of durability or quality.

Not So Sporty

Let’s say you are both a watch-lover and activity-lover. Running, playing sports, and swimming are all a part of your repertoire. If that is the case, then a wooden watch may not be the best choice for you in the end.

Yeah, you can take it off whenever you partake in these activities. But if you forget to remove it, those rigorous activities can be enough to substantially wear wooden watches. Something such as a silicone or sturdy plastic may be more optimal for the active lifestyle.


Wooden watches make for a fantastic alternative to metal watches. They may not have the durability of a good-quality metal watch, but they have many more benefits to them. Create a unique, one-of-a-kind look with a wooden watch that no other metal watch could replicate.

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