Best G-Shock Watch For Military In 2021

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Every military personnel will ever opt for G-Shock watch all because the watches with G  shock features are well built, rugged, and durable. They are capable to withstand the rigor and pressure that comes with their work and that is why we have the list of the best g shock watch for military for you.

If you have military personnel as friends, lover, family members and you are in search of the best gift for special occasions such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, valentine, anniversary, birthday to mention a few, a g shock watch will be a great piece for them.

Best G-Shock Watches for Military In 2021

Image Product Features

  • Water resistance 200m
  • 2 years of battery life
  • Perfect for every condition
  • Rugged and durable
  • Perfect for military use
  • G-Shock Mudmaster Twin Sensor
  • EL Backlight
  • Shock resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Perfect for all kind of sport
  • Chronograph
  • Dual-Time-display
  • World time
  • Light & Stopwatch
  • Auto Light switch
  • Hourly time signal
  • Countdown timer
  • Daylight saving on/off
  • Solar-powered
  • Auto EL backlight
  • 1/100 sec stopwatch
  • Water-resistant to 200m
  • Multi Time
  • Stopwatch
  • Shock-resistant
  • Five daily alarms
  • Full auto-calendar
  • Auto Calendar
  • Timekeeping Mode
  • Multi-function Alarm
  • 200m Water Resistant
  • Tough Solar Power
  • Triple Sensor
  • Mud Resistant Case
  • 200M Water Resistant
  • Low-Temperature Resistant
  • Double LED light
  • Tough solar powered
  • 200M Water Resistant

If you are in need of a g shock watch and still confused about your choice, we have the lists of experts picked products below for you to consider.

Table of Contents

G-Shock Watches Review for Military

1. Mudmaster G-G1000-1A5 – Best for Army Basic Training

CASIO G Shock Quartz Watch with Resin Strap, Beige, 30 (Model: GG1000-1A5)
  • Shock resistant, neobrite, mineral glass, mud resistant, 200-meter water resistance, led backlight (super illuminator), digital compass, thermometer, world time, stopwatch
  • Countdown timer, 5 daily alarms, hourly time signal, low battery alert, full auto-calendar, 12/24-hour format, button operation tone on/off, approx. Battery life: 2 years on sr927w x 2
  • Quartz Movement
  • Case Diameter: 56.2mm
  • Water resistant 200m (660ft): in general, suitable for professional marine activity and serious surface water sports, but not diving

The watch that makes the first on our list is the Casio 2018 GG1000-1A5 Watch. Looking at the appearance of the watch, you can easily say it is well built with the interest of military people in mind. The watch comes with all features, structures, and designs that make it meet and exceed the standard watches for military use.

One of the interesting aspects of the watch is its resin strap band. It makes the watch lightweight and convenient for anyone to wear without feeling any form of discomfort. It is a quartz movement watch with amazing design.

The craftsmanship of the watch is superb as it comes with high-quality parts that boost or enhances the life span of the watch. It is one of the rugged and toughest watches you could ever find in the market.

More to the watch is the shock-resistant which makes it beat off any pressure and impact from any object, the mineral glass is clear for all to see the time while it also shields the watch components, mud resistant, LED backlight for added illumination, digital compass, thermometer, stopwatch and world time.

All those features above make it difficult to see a watch that can compete with it for the first spot on our list. Well, I think that is justified enough. Also, the watch has countdown timer, 5 daily alarms, hourly time signal, low battery alert, calendar, on and off button and it has a good two-year battery life.


  • Two years of battery life
  • Water-resistant 200m
  • Amazing features to boosts the watch performance
  • Perfect for every condition
  • Comfy with a resin band strap

  • It has no significant setback


2. Casio GG-1000-1A3CR – Best Military Watch Under 500

It is not surprising to see another Casio product on this list and that is basically because they are ever reliant and responsible for the production of top-quality watches and one of their products is the Casio Men’s GG-1000-1A3CR which is an ideal option for military use.

The watch is one of the families of a quartz movement with an analog display which makes it easier for anyone to read the time. Everything about the watch is classy and that makes it quite irresistible for every watch lover out there in need of a rugged watch.

It has a smooth fine finish; it is very easy to wear and doesn’t add weight to you whenever you wear it. The resin strap band offers comfort and convenience which is why you can barely notice you have a wristwatch wrapped around your wrist. its lightweights make it a perfect watch for military people.

One of the interesting aspects of the watch is the design. It is well built with top quality materials. The features of the watch are mind-blowing such as the luminous fill on the hour hands that illuminate the watch in the dark, the backlight, resistant to water and many more.

It is very strong and rugged to withstand and soak in impact from external objects. The mineral crystal glass is very strong and almost resistant to scratch to ensure the watch lasts longer. The battery life of the watch is inspiring as it lasts up to two years before it gets weak.


  • Twin Sensor
  • Well-built with quality materials
  • Rugged and durable
  • Comfy and convenient to wear
  • Lightweight and portable

  • It has no significant setback

3. Casio Men’s ‘G-Shock’ Quartz Resin Sport Watch

Casio Men's 'G-Shock' Quartz Resin Sport Watch , Black
  • 200 M Water Resistance
  • Casio G-Shock Watch featuring Shock Resistance
  • Electro-Luminescent Backlight with Afterglow ensures easy reading during day or night
  • 1/100-Second StopWatch (Measuing Capacity: 00'00"00~59'59"99 (for the first 60 minutes) 1:00'00~23:59'59 (after 60 minutes)
  • Auto-calendar out until the year 2099, the watch does not have to be adjusted for the number days in month even leap year until 2099

If you are not a good fan of an analog watch from Casio, then the Casio Men’s ‘G-Shock’ Quartz Resin Sport Watch is the right option for you if the digital watch is your option. The watch is durable, well built with long-lasting materials and it offers the best feeling you ever desire from wearing a quality watch from Casio.

One of the things you are guaranteed about the watch is the long life span of the watch. The watch is stylish and adds class and value to whosoever that is wearing it. Every military person will cherish the watch because it can withstand the pressure that comes with the nature of their work.

The watch is part of the family of the Japanese quartz movement watch. From the look or appearance, you can see clearly that it is a black designed watch but the materials used don’t absorb heat from the atmosphere which makes it perfect for both cold and hot weather conditions.

The watch comes with amazing features such as the countdown timer, it has an auto-repeat function, second stopwatch, measuring capacity, hourly time signal, auto calendar, and it is very accurate with its timing.

Irrespective of nature or turn out of your duty for the day, you have less to worry about the watch as it comes with shock resistant capacity to beat off pressure and impacts from external objects. And also, the watch is comfy on the hand thanks to the resin strap band which keeps a snug fit on your wrist with the help of the buckle.


  • It is perfect for military use
  • Shock resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Perfect for all kind of sport
  • Lightweight, durable and stylish

  • It has no significant setback

4. Men’s G-SHOCK GA 100-1A1 Military Series Watch

Casio Mens G-Shock Ana-Digi GA100-1A1 3-Eye Wristwatch
  • Water Resistance Depth: 200.00
  • Case Diameter: 51 Millimeters
  • Band Size: Mens-Standard

Here we are again with Casio watch for military and the next we have on our list is the GA 100-1A1 Military Series Watch. The watch is especially aimed at military personnel and it undoubtedly comes with all that makes it fit for military use. It is strong, elegant and well designed with good structure and features.

The watch is the epitome of class and fashion as it comes with a dual time of analog and digital display. It is obviously the product of skill, knowledge, and experience that results in the production of this watch. It comes simple and most importantly, alluring.

The watch is the family of G shock which means it has all it takes to resist mechanical shock and vibration. It comes with a full form of gravitational shock which is why every military person sought it.

The watch has 10-meter free-fall endurance which means you just have to pick up your watch on the off chance it fell off from your hand. The mineral crystal glass offers protection to the watch. It comes almost resistant to scratch.

The features of the watch include a stopwatch, full auto-calendar, world time in 29 times zones, stopwatch, backlight, resistant to water up to 200m which makes it ideal for swimming and it has a countdown. Also, it has a resin band for comfort, daylight saving on and off and it has 10 years battery life span.


  • Long battery lifespan
  • Well-built with quality material
  • Durable, lightweight and strong
  • Perfect for the toughest task

  • None


5. G-Shock Men’s Grey Sport – Best Military Sports Watch

Casio G-Shock Quartz Watch with Resin Strap, Green, 55 (Model: GD400-9CR)
  • Shock-resistant sport watch with gold-tone case clamp featuring LED backlight and multisport functionality
  • 49.7 mm resin case with mineral dial window
  • Quartz movement with digital display
  • Textured resin band with buckle closure
  • Features include: Auto Light switch, hourly time signal, countdown timer, World Time, Daylight saving on/off, 5 Daily Alarms

The G-Shock Men’s Grey Sport Watch is not only designed for the lover of grey but for those who appreciate and value top quality watches. Casio has given a legacy in the watch industry and only a few can match up to it in the world. The first appearance at this watch will make you have a second thought on it. It is indeed stylish and alluring.

The watch is one of the amazing sets you could get for your loved military friend, brother, sister, wife and more to mention a few. The watch has dynamic design and the structure or shape of the watch makes it the choice of most military person out there.

The watch is a g shock style that comes with a gold-tone case clamp and it boasts of LED backlight which makes it easier for you to see the time in dark places. The watch is a multisport style with a digital display. It displays the time and date clearly for you to be well informed of the time. It is accurate with its timing.

The comfort and convenience of the wearer are considered by the manufacturer which is why it comes with a resin band strap that makes it lightweight on the hand. The mineral dial window offers extra support and safety to the watch.

Some of the features of the watch include the auto light switch, the hourly time signal, countdown timer, world time, daylight saving on and off and 5 daily alarms. The watch is also resistant to water within 200m which makes it ideal for swimming. It eliminates you worry if you have to pass through mud and water when running after a criminal or making an investigation.


  • G shock
  • Resistant to water
  • LED backlight for illumination
  • Textured resin for comfort and convenient use
  • Lightweight and durable

  • Not ideal for scuba diving

6. G-Shock GW2310 – Best Military Watch Under $100

CASIO Men's GW2310FB-1CR G-Shock Shock Resistant Multifunction Watch
  • Solar-powered multifunction watch with full auto EL backlight, 4 daily alarms, and 41 world time zones
  • Additional functions include 1/100 sec stopwatch
  • countdown timer
  • and 12/24 hr formats
  • 46.4 mm resin case with mineral dial window

The Casio Men’s G-Shock Solar Multiband Atomic has all it takes to compete with the first spot on this list. This isn’t somewhat of hype but the reality about what the watch has to offer to you. The watch is also a product of Casio and it is produced differently from those you can see above which makes it distinct and dynamic.

Other watches we have discussed earlier are battery powered but this particular watch is solar-powered. It means it gains its power and strength from whatever it draws from the sun. therefore, to get optimal performance of the watch, you need to always have it positioned facing the sun directly.

Some of the features of the watch include full auto EL backlight, 4 daily alarms, and 41 world time zones. It has a stopwatch, countdown timer, 12 to 24 hours formats, water-resistant up to 200m.

It is a watch that is ideal for outdoor use. It can withstand pressure and rigor from external factors and ensure it keeps working optimally. The digital display is big and clear for all to see, it also shows the date for you to be well informed. All that the watch offers is accuracy and value. It is sure a great addition to your watch collection if you are in need of a watch with all the features listed above.


  • Very strong and rugged
  • Lightweight with resin bad
  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • Perfect for military use

  • It has no setback

7. Casio G-Shock Men’s GD-120CM Camo Sport Watch

Casio G-Shock Men's GD-120CM Camo Sport Watch
  • Shock-resistant sport watch featuring LED backlight, flash alert, Multi Time, world time, stopwatch, and count-down timer
  • Also features five daily alarms, full auto calendar, and 12/24 hour format
  • 51 mm resin case with mineral dial window
  • Quartz movement with digital display
  • Silicon band with buckle closure

Another from Casio we have on the list is the Casio G-Shock Men’s GD-120CM Camo Sport Watch. The watch comes affordable for anyone in need of a quality watch that can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities. It is added to this list because it has what it takes to meets the demands of every military personnel.

I grew up to know one of the distinctive colors associated with the military is the camo and not to my surprise the Casio G-Shock Men’s GD-120CM comes with camo design. Is that a coincidence? No, Casio specially made the watch with that design to gain the interest of military personnel.

The watch comes with a quartz movement with a digital display. It is appealing to the eyes with its design and structure. The watch has a shock-resistant capacity to withstand mechanical shock. It has others such as the flash alert, multi-time, world time, stopwatch and countdown timer. The features make it a multi-sport watch.

Furthermore, the watch has a silicone band with buckle closure which makes it comfy and lightweight to use for a longer period. One of the important aspects of the watch is that it is resistant to water which makes it ideal for water sport activity.

So if you are looking for a watch that will serve you better, you need not look further as this watch offers you all that you need from a top-quality watch and the most inspiring part of it is that it comes cheap and affordable.


  • It is lightweight
  • Strong and rugged
  • Durable and perfect for military use
  • Comfy and convenient to use

  • None


8. Casio G-Shock Digital – Best Military Watch Under 50

Casio Men's G-Shock Quartz Watch with Resin Strap, Black, 20 (Model: DW5600E-1V)
  • Black resin sport watch featuring shock resistance, comfortable resin strap, and multi-function rectangular dial
  • Quartz digital movement with accuracy of +/- 15 seconds per month
  • To prevent accidental adjusting of settings,the top left button on this watch is designed to be pushed in further.
  • Functions include multi-function alarm, 1/100-second stopwatch, countdown timer, hourly time signal, auto calendar, and 12- and 24-hour formats
  • Water resistant to 660 feet (200 M): suitable for recreational scuba diving

Just before we bring the list to a close, let’s check Casio G-Shock Digital Watch. We bring this amazing watch to you. It is the simplest of all as it comes with a simple design yet full of value and quality. It is well built with high-quality materials and is a product from Casio, it is sure durable and perfect for all kind of activities.

It is the most durable digital watch designed for law enforcement officers. The toughness and durability of the watch are second to none. The watch comes with a standard case size of 45mm and it has amazing features which make it appealing for anyone.

It has shock resistant, resistant to water within 200m which makes it viable to withstand splashes and some certain degree of immersion in water. It should never be used for scuba diving. The watch has EL backlight for added illumination in the dark.

Some other features include the multi-function alarm, countdown timer, auto-repeat function, hourly time signal, and auto calendar. The watch has a long battery life and each of the buttons on it are specially designed to control the watch. They are hard but that is not a defect but a measure to ensure the buttons don’t get pressed accidentally.


  • Accurate timing
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Stylish and simple design
  • Portable and comfy

  • None

9. Casio GW9400 Rangeman – Best Military Watch Under 200

CASIO Men's GW-9400-1CR Master of G Stainless Steel Solar Watch
  • Solar-powered digital watch in stainless steel with multiple displays, red contrasts, and textured pushers
  • Quartz movement with analog display. The watch has memory for storage of up to 40 records of various types. If you perform an operation that creates a new record while there are already 40 records in...
  • Protective mineral crystal dial window
  • Features digital compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, sunrise and sunset date, time stamp, Mb6 atomic timekeeping, auto LED, four alarms, 1/10-second stop watch, countdown timer, day/date/month...
  • Water resistant to 660 feet (200 M): suitable for recreational scuba diving

This list will not be complete without adding Casio Men’s GW9400 Rangeman to our list for you. Looking for a tough watch that can handle the toughest condition, you have got the best with this watch. The watch employs a shock-resistant triple sensor which makes it perfect to keep altitude, temperature, barometric pressure and direction readings at a pinch.

The watch is meticulously designed by Casio and it has amazing features. The cylindrical button of the watch gives superb and improved resistance to impact which makes it ideal for military enforcement officers.

Pressing the sensor buttons will help you determine the mode you want to get to with the watch. It has features such as sunrise/sunset data, one-touch time recording, one-touch elapsed time measurement, G-Shock toughness and durability, and much more.

The tough solar power eliminates the use of battery and the black resin band makes it comfy on the hand. Also, it has added features such as mud resistant case and buttons that are well sealed to prevent dirt and mud from entering the watch.


  • Resistant to water
  • Well built
  • Durable, strong and portable
  • Comfy and convenient to wear

  • None


10. GST-S100G-1BCR G Shock – Best Military Watch Under 300

Casio Sports Watch Men's Stainless Steel Quartz with Strap Black
  • Tough solar powered, shock resistant, 200-meter water resistance, neobrite, double led light, world time, 31 time zones, second stopwatch, countdown timer, 5 daily alarms
  • Hourly time signal, hand shift feature, battery level indicator, power saving, full auto-calendar, 12/24-hour format, button operation tone on/off, regular timekeeping
  • Quartz Movement
  • Case Diameter: 59.1mm
  • Water resistant 200m (660ft): in general, suitable for professional marine activity and serious surface water sports, but not diving

The last on our list from Casio is the GST-S100G-1BCR. It is a tough solar G shock watch that is solar powered with amazing features which makes it quite difficult to resist and overlook for watch enthusiasts. The watch gives you all that you need from a quality watch.

It is shock-resistant and can withstand impact on the off chance it fell off from your hand. That is quite not visible because the buckle that comes with the band offers a snug fit to ensure the watch is fitted and secure in your hand.

The watch has 200m water resistant which means it can be used for swimming. It has neobrite double LED light, World time, stopwatch, countdown timer, and 5 daily alarms. All the features make it a great watch to own.

Also, the analog watch has a full auto calendar, battery level indicator to tell you when the battery is low or fully charged. Apart from being a versatile watch, it helps you to keep time. Every military enforcement officer will love it for its style and timing accuracy.


  • Accurate timing
  • Stylish design
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Durable and can handle the toughest conditions

  • None

Best g shock watch for military

G-shock watch buyer’s guide

The very first step to make the wrong call is overlooking some important factors when buying a watch for military people.

Knowing fully well that our focus is on g shock watches, durability and sturdiness are not part of the factors you should consider as those are normal for g shock watches.


One of the factors to consider is the portability of the watch. As military personnel, you do not need a watch that will add weight to you. Nothing should affect your response to call of distress or safety and not even should a watch do that.

So, you need a watch that is made with lightweight material, that you can wear on your wrist for a longer period without you feeling any sign of discomfort.


If you are buying a watch, you should consider the warranty. The warranty given by manufacturers is a vote of confidence in their products. So, you are not doing anything wrong by checking to know the lifespan of the watch you are about to buy.


Your budget apparently determines what you get. So if you are getting a watch made of quality material, you must be ready to spend big. Look into your budget and choose the watch that meets with what you have and never should you overlook, style and design of the watch that is of interest to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does military use G-Shock watches?

G shock watches are tested and approved to handle the toughest task. They are the best for military and very popular due to their build-up and design. They are made to last longer and most do come with amazing and quality features. So, the best watch for the military is the G shock because it has all it takes to withstand pressure and rigour that comes with the profession.

What kind of watch does military use?

There are different kinds of watches that the military can use. Some of them are from popular brands such as Luminox, Seiko and Timex. We have the lists of the best above as the focus on this page is on this particular topic to help military personnel have an easy choice in choosing the best watch for themselves.

What is so special about G shock?

G shock watches can never be overlooked in the market for its value. it is designed to resist mechanical shock and vibrations which makes it so special for military use.

How long do G shocks last?

The average life of a g shock watch battery is two years. So you have no cause to charge the battery unless it gets weak and you start noticing a sign of malfunctioning such as inaccurate timing.


Your quest and search for a watch for any military person is over with this post on the best g shock watch for military. We have put into consideration the plight of those looking for a fitted watch for military use without any positive outcome, and that is why we have the list of the best that you should consider with things you should consider when buying.

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