How to Pack a Luxury Watch for Travel?

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If you’ve spent the money on a luxury watch, you probably don’t want to leave it at home when you’re traveling for business or pleasure. But traveling with expensive goods can be nerve-wracking. Anything could happen in the airport or abroad, and you might find yourself at a loss from an awfully expensive investment.

Fortunately for you, there are a few simple ways to make traveling with expensive watches stress-free. There are some basic safety tips, of course: don’t flaunt the watch in dangerous areas, ensure that it’s secure on your wrist, and be aware of your surroundings in crowds, for example. But there’s more to traveling with expensive watches than meets the eye, and you’re going to want to take every precaution to protect your investments.

7 Tips for Traveling with Your Watches

1. Wear It or Carry It

You might be wondering, “Can I carry watches in checked baggage?” While you technically can pack your watch in your checked luggage, you should never take that chance. After all, your checked baggage will be handled by people who don’t necessarily know what’s inside and there’s too much of a risk of the bag getting lost or jostled around.

Always wear your watch when you travel or put it in your carry-on bag. Just be aware that you will likely be asked to remove it while passing through security. To protect your watch from potential magnetizing effects from the X-ray machine, you can place it underneath your bag in the tray.

2. Proper Storage Is Key

If you’ve opted to keep your watch in your carry-on bag, don’t just leave it loose. Most luxury watches will come with a case, or you can purchase a travel case separately. There are a wide range of options out there; make sure that you get one that matches your luggage so you’re always in style.

Most luxury watch makers recommend a hard watch case over a soft watch roll. The protective measures included in a hard case are unmatched, which is a huge asset when you’re traveling with expensive watches. If you’re not sure how to pack watches, a brand’s website will usually have some tips.

3. Insure Your Treasures

If you’ve already paid a hefty sum for a luxury watch, it would be ludicrous not to also pay for an insurance policy on that investment. While you make your travel plans, check and make sure that the policy on your watch is active, is up to date, and covers you in cases of theft or accidental damage. You don’t want to be caught in a tight spot if the worst does happen while you’re abroad.

Some insurance companies even cater specifically to valuable watches and jewelry. Most will even let you choose the boutique or professional that you’ll take the watch to for any repairs.

4. Consider Your Plans

Before choosing which watch to take with you on your journey, it’s best to consider what you might be doing. Ideally, you want to keep your watch on your wrist as much as possible for your trip. If you’re going to the beach, you might want a water-resistant timepiece, while you might want to take your most durable watch on a hiking trip.

You should also consider whether you’re comfortable bringing your expensive watch at all. If you don’t feel 100% safe and secure, it might be best to leave the watch at home.

5. Schedule it to Be Serviced Before Departing

You should be having your watch regularly serviced no matter what, but an extra check-up before traveling can add a little extra peace of mind. Your usual watchmaker can make sure that your timepiece is in top shape before you leave, and they can check to make sure that it’s still safe to take into water.

6. Have Your Paperwork on Hand

In some countries, the counterfeit watch industry is rampant. To curtail these practices, many customs agents may ask you to prove that you did not buy your luxury watch while abroad. Photocopies of the receipt, warranty card, or certificate of authenticity for your watch can make these interactions simple and painless, ensuring that you’re always on schedule.

7. Get a Good Hotel Room

And by a good hotel room, we don’t mean one with a minibar. Any good hotel room should have a hidden safe inside for valuables, and we highly recommend that you take full advantage of this. After all, it’s better safe than sorry with such precious items.

In the end, traveling with an expensive watch is the same as traveling with any other luxury item. With the right care and planning, you can enjoy your timepieces no matter where you are. Just remember to be safe and aware, and everything will turn out well.