Invicta 8926 Review – Men’s Pro Diver Collection

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Interested in buying a new affordable watch? You should consider the Invicta 8926 review. Invicta Watch Group is a Swiss company that has reached centuries of designing and manufacturing watches all around the world.

Invicta 8926 Review

Today, we’ll be reviewing the Invicta 8926 Pro Diver Collection watch. This Invicta 8926 review will include the features of the item, the pros, and cons before buying the item. This review will help you determine if this watch is perfect for your liking or the person you’re going to give it to.  

Although smartwatches have gained popularity in the market, nothing beats automatic watches. With a watch under $100, this may be the best candidate for selecting your watch.

Invicta 8926 Review – Pro Diver Collection

Invicta 8926 Overview

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The Invicta Watch Group is one of the most popular brands when it comes to pro diver watches. It was founded more than centuries ago with an objective that each timepiece they offer will have supreme performance for a minimum price. The Invicta Watch Group has held on to this objective till this day.

Being the company who is meticulous when it comes to the case construction, Invicta is recognized as masters of case complications. Being masters in case making is not enough, they also provide exceptional engineering in each of their watches that delivers outstanding performance. Now, Invicta Watch Group has grown about 30 different collections that are out in the market.  

With a brushed and polished stainless steel case, this watch is convenient to bring to every place you go. It also displays a third hour magnified so you can read it on the go. This watch will follow you wherever you go even underwater with its 200-meter water resistance which is assisted by the screwed down case and crown.

This Invicta 8926 also shows a classy design which can be used in any events and gathering. Some may even mistake this as a Rolex. The stunning low price is already incredible considering the features, the style, and not to mention, it’s a fully automatic tool.

 Key Features

  • Shows day/date
  • Stainless steel case and bracelet
  • 36 hours power reserve
  • Water resistant (200 m / 660 ft.)
Things We Liked

  • Great value for the price
  • Looks and feels like a high-end watch
  • Good for various activities like walking/swimming
  • Made by an established watch company
  • Good size for average wrist
Things We Didn’t Like

  • Might have some functioning issues


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Target Customer

If you’re looking for a mid-range automatic watch, then the one is this Invicta 8926 review is one of the top options. It starts with below $100 price range that doesn’t require you to shed hundreds of dollars for a watch. If you are short in buying watches, this model can help you save your money.

Target customers for this model of Invicta are hustler and athletes. This watch shows good function for a below $100 range watch. If choosing between other brands, Invicta gives you a good price and good quality.

The watch also gives off a good look when worn. This model is perfect for an average-sized wrist. This is another reason why this watch is a better option than other brands.

Key Features/Benefits Of 8926 diver

Stainless Steel Case

When buying a watch you should look for casings that are stainless steel. Choosing a case for a watch is a critical option because it holds the tiny pieces that make the watch work. Stainless steel provides qualities such as durability, stain-resistant, sturdiness, and quality performance. For a mid-range watch, this is not an expensive material compared to Rolex who uses titanium cases.


The watch has Seiko NH35A Automatic Self Winding Movement. This is a 24-jewel movement where the second-hand stops when you set the time. Because of this, it will be much better synchronization.

Canvas Strap

The watch is equipped with a stainless-steel strap which is a nice addition since this watch is water resistant. This does not tarnish and if you compare to other brands stainless steel provides better quality than leather straps.

Price Point

The price range can be a surprise since automatic watches usually cost way more than that. Invicta 8926 has tons of features in terms of its function and form. The price is just right since Invicta is not a high-end brand but if you are looking for a brand that has products below $100, this watch is a good choice.

Water Resistance

This watch can go up to 200 meters in the pool. And if you are a swimmer, you can time your swimming and diving.

5-minute Markers

A 5-minute marker may be a standard in every watch but it helps you read the time quickly with just a glance. This is one of the good features that reduces hassle when you’re in a hurry.


This is displayed at the 3:00 position. There are times that even though you own a watch, you forget the date of the calendar when you have a hectic schedule. The Invicta 8926 displays the date of the month which is all you need when in a hurry.

Customer Reviews

A lot the customers liked how Invicta created an automatic watch that is sold at a cheap price. They also liked how similar it looked with the Rolex Submariner making it look elegant and appealing. This also gives off a classy style which can be used in any events. But a lot of people appreciated the watch after buying it. They found the product “outstanding” for the price.  

As much as some people liked how it looked like the Rolex Submariner, a lot of people also gave hate since it is like an imitation of the famous brand. This watch also got complaints regarding its bezel frame stating that customers find it hard to rotate.

The luminous dial also doesn’t work at all times. It only lights for a few minutes underwater and eventually loses its luminosity. A lot of people who purchased the watch received some defective and damaged items in which they complained about. This gave the product low-quality packaging reliability. But if they received good packaging, they would’ve liked the product.

FAQs & Tips For Invicta 8926

How water-resistant is the watch?

The watch is more than splash proof. You can actually wear it with you when you take a shower or go for a quick swim. But if you plan and going for a dive for a long period of time, you might reconsider it since it may cause damage to the watch.

What’s the watch’s strap size?

The strap size is 20 mm. and stainless steel. This type of strap is water resistance and is better than other regular straps since it doesn’t tarnish and is durable.

How durable is the Mineral crystal?

For a mid-range watch, mineral crystal provides better quality than glass and acrylic which can easily shatter. Mineral crystals are break resistant but get scratches easily so you should be careful about where you put and touch with this watch. Though it is not as durable as the sapphire crystal, it’s good for its price.

Does this watch Have an NH35A movement? The description doesn’t say.

Yes, this model of Invicta has the Seiko NH35A movement that helps for the better synchronization of the watch when you try to change the time.

What is the difference between 8926 and the 8926ob?

The difference between the 8926 and the 8926ob is the scalloped bezel and the coin bezel. The model 8926 has a scalloped bezel or the edges is smooth, unlike the 8926ob that has a coin like a bezel. OB is an acronym for “old bezel” which the other version uses. But other than that, the watch is identical to each other.

How long can the watch keep time when not worn?

Since the watch is automatic and is not powered by batteries, the watch can only keep time for 8-24 hours. It depends also on how much time you wore it.

Does this watch require a battery?

No, it doesn’t require any battery since this watch is automatic and powered by arm movements. It’s hand wind with an automatic winding capability which doesn’t stop the watch from ticking for as long as you wear it.

Final Verdict

Now that we are done with Invicta’s 8926 reviews what are the final thoughts? With a price below $100, what more do you expect from this watch? Like other watches, there will be features that can give major issues.

The good thing with Invicta’s watch is they give other people access to automatic watches at a low price. The movement that Invicta used may not be as high grade as other brands but this gave an option for people to buy affordable automatic watches without the Seiko name tagging on it.

Though it is really a good product for its price, there are a lot of people giving hate on Invicta since they copied the look of the Rolex Submariner. If you look at it in a business setting, they could get sued for doing this.

Copying and riding the design of another expensive watch is like plainly stealing and it just shows that they don’t have unique designs that can help the company stand out from other watch models.

The watch looks sleek and stylish since they copied the Submariner design. You can use this kind of designs for casual and formal events and work. If you are one of those people who wanted to buy the Submariner but is low on budget, this watch is the best option you have.  

The 8926OB is a watch that was made for diving activities but also for regular use. Therefore, it is designed to be sleek and stylish while still being a functioning dive watch.

If you plan to have a watch that has its own designs, then I’d suggest you look for other watches under the same price range.

If you have any question for this watch, or feedback, please feel free to let me know. I would love to get back with my answer! 🙂

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