What Are The Good Watch Brands for Men?

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As a man wearing the right type of watch is quite important, as the type of watch you wear can actually increase your confidence, and make you speak clearer. Apart from that, it also gives your wrist a certain kind of look that I can only describe as groomed.

I may not know who you really are, but what I do know is that if you are reading this right now, you are I search of a perfect brand of watch for men. Probably you want to use the watch yourself or you want to get it for a friend or partner.

Whatever the case may be why you need to know the best watches, I am here to help you narrow down the long list of watches that are available in the market today to at least 10 different cool and really good watch brands for men.

With some brands being more expensive than others, and basically, your budget also needs to be put into consideration, as to how to get the best watch with the money you have. So sit back, relax and keep reading as I take you through my top five really good watch brands for men that I absolutely think you would love to hear about.

Seiko watch

1. Seiko

The Seiko watch is actually made by a Japanese company, which was founded in the 19th century. I actually put this watch first because it is actually one watch to consider if you want to purchase a really good watch with high quality and you are n a strict budget. Some of the Seiko timepieces actually features some luxurious style.

You can take, for instance, Seiko actually sells one of the cheapest automatic wristwatches in the market, and by automatic I mean the wristwatch to not make use of batteries to power them, but they are actually powered by the movement of the wrist of the wearer.

Now, this is just one of the many really awesome features you can get from this brand of watchmakers.

The best part about the Seiko watch still remains the low price yet standard high-quality timepieces this brand gives to us. With as low as £100, you can actually own a Seiko timepiece.

And with about £200 to £400, you can purchase some of the Seiko timepieces with sapphire crystals and transparent coating. This actually means that the transparent fronts are stronger and more resistant to scratches, as it will also easier to see in a burst of bright sunshine.

Citizen BJ8050-08e Review

2. Citizen

Next on my list is the Citizen brand, which I know a lot of jewellers and watch snobs may not really consider it as a luxurious watch, but in actual sense, they are really luxurious, as they can cost up to £100 to £1500.

Be that as it may, citizen timepieces are worth considering most especially if you want to purchase a timepiece that would keep stunningly accurate time, and does not require the use of a battery.

Citizen is also a Japanese brand that has the reputation of quality watchmaking. But to me, I see Citizen as a very creative brand that is more into making watches with the latest technology integrated into them, than using the traditional style of making luxury watches.

This Japanese brand has a pedigree of making watches, and they have actually been in the business of making wristwatches for more than 100years.

Citizen wristwatches are quite different and unique because most of their timepiece makes use of an Eco-Drive, which means they are not powered with batteries, but they are powered through a solar power at the front of the watch.

Meaning they do not require so much maintenance like the regular battery change most traditional watches require, and they also feature the quartz movement despite they do not have batteries, which is unlike the more traditional mechanical watches that makes use of tiny spring to keep the watch ticking.

Tissot Watch

3. Tissot

The Tissot is another watch making a brand that has a heritage. They are also a watch to consider when you do not really have a vast budget and you want to get a prestigious wristwatch with a history of Swiss, as they are also one of the cheapest Swiss watch brands that have a very high quality.

Most of the cheaper Tissot has a range between £100 and £350, and they are most of the time the less fancy quartz watch, but they are not all that bad, some of them actually have some really attractive Swiss styling and some really cool high-quality features like the scratch-resistant front.

While many of the more expensive Tissot watches has a price range of £350 to £750, and most of them are made with a more traditional method of having an automatic movement which is powered by the movement or swinging of the wrist.

The Tissot is a Swiss watchmaker that has roots going far back to the 19th century, although they are now being referred to as the Swatch company, they have been long been established.

This Swiss watchmaker has also built a reputation for themselves through some major innovations like the plastic watch and the wooden watch, and they are also the official timekeepers for most sports.

Gucci Watch

4. Gucci

Adding Gucci to this guild of my top 5 watch brand for men is a bit arguable in that Gucci is a renowned fashion house. A lot of people would be thinking that since Gucci are into fashion designs and also into watchmaking;

Their watches cannot be compared with other traditional Swiss watchmakers who wholly make timepieces, but the truth is that Gucci makes really great wristwatches despite their diversity.

But based on my opinion, I feel you are paying a fair amount for the name than the watch because most clothing label watches tend to have few of the features we would normally find with other luxurious watches.

Take, for example, a lot of Gucci watch are battery powered quartz watch rather than the automatic watches that are powered by the movement of the wears arm, while others of the Gucci watch are splash resistant rather than a total immersion in water resistant.

So with all these downs of the Gucci watch, you would be wondering right now why I actually included this watch on the list. I actually added it to the list simply because a lot of people actually love Gucci watches because they would get the company’s reputation for Italian design and styles, along with the Swiss reputation for making quality watches.

Gucci also represents a large number of the luxury watch market, so because of all this, I felt it was only fair that I included at least one fashion label timepiece on the list. Moreover, they are one of the cheapest options to go for in getting label water, with a starting price of about £100.

Rado Watch

5. Rado

Another Swiss watch brand is the Rado, with their plenty character. Also, most of the Rado range is in the hundreds of pounds rather than in the thousands of pounds, and Rado is owned by the Swatch group which has been in the world of watchmaking for about a century now.

When the Rado is compared with a few competitive other, it is undeniable that the watches are a bit funkier and unusual than some so they are kind of a riskier gift than other watches like the Omega, or Tag Heuer.

So basically that is why I love the Rado because they are funky and have a pretty distinct design combined with the prestige of being made in Switzerland.

A lot of Rado watches are made with quartz movement rather than automatic, which means they make use of a battery than to use the movement of the wears wrist to power the watch.

Although, Rado also has automatic watches you may have to peel out a huge chunk of pounds to purchase the automatic Rado. There are some other features like the tough synthetic sapphire front crystal that are fixed there to make the face of the watch a little bit more tough to scratch.

In conclusion, this list is just a guide to bring to you some brands that produce some of the best watches you can get in the market for basically so little and enjoy both the functionality and luxury at the same time with just very little paid.

Moreover, there are still some other brands that also make really great watches that have not been listed here because I only intended to bring to you the top five really cool wristwatch makers for men.

Even after knowing the top brands that make some of the most unique designs, there is still work to do as to decide the particular model of a brand you may want, as the many brands of watches we have also have a whole lot of other models that can still leave you in a total dilemma.