Do Cartier Watches Hold Value?

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Over the years of doing business, Cartier has made quite a name for themselves as one of the best jewelers in the world. What most people don’t know is that Cartier didn’t start as a jeweler. They were originally watchmakers. When people hear the name Cartier, they often think of luxurious and fashionable jewelry rather than prestigious watches.

As one of the industry leaders in watchmaking, Cartier has laboratories all across the world. At these labs, Cartier employees spend their time developing and researching their precision watches. Knowing that Cartier is an industry leader in watches, you know you are getting one of the highest quality watches in the market. Each watch uses the latest technology and the best materials.

Will Cartier Watches Retain Their Value Over Time?

When buying a high-quality, expensive watch, people expect it to be a good investment. They don’t want to spend money on something that is going to lose its value over time. One of the great things about all Cartier watches is that they will retain their value and appreciate over time.  Classic Cartier watches often sell at a higher price from when they were purchased because people know these vintage watches, when properly maintained, will last a lifetime.

Watches from Cartier are considered luxury ones because of the reputation Cartier has built as a jewelry designer. When manufacturing these timepieces, they use only the highest-quality metals and spare no expense when purchasing the materials. All of the high-tech labs they own allow them to precisely manufacture high-quality timepieces.

To see just how well Cartier watches hold their value over time, simply visit any auction. You will be amazed at the prices people will pay for these classics.

Five Tips for Buying a Cartier Watch

Now that you know how well a Cartier timepiece will hold its value, it’s time to go out and buy one. However, buying one of these classic pieces isn’t as simple as walking out the door and heading to your local jewelry store. With the various styles to choose from, here are some tips to keep in mind to help you with your purchase.

1. Know Your Budget

When buying one of these classic timepieces, it is easy to spend more than you planned. Before heading out, figure out how much you are willing to pay and then go from there. The good news is you can purchase a quality Cartier watch for as little as $1,000, but the more you spend, the more options you will have.

For those who want to stick in the $1,000 range, your best option is the Must de Cartier 21. If you are willing to go up to $5,000, two of the best choices are the Cartier Ballon Blue or the Tank Francaise. The Ballon Blue is a more feminine style, while the Tank is one of the bestselling classic styles.

For those who don’t really have a set budget and want the best, go for the Tank Americaine. This pure gold bracelet-style watch comes in several different versions, but they all offer a distinct Cartier style.

2. Figure Out Your Style

What style you purchase is purely a personal choice. One factor that goes into determining your type is how you plan to wear your watch. Some people prefer more casual style watches that work with business dress styles but can also be dressed up. Others prefer a watch that will allow them to make a statement or one that works as a fashion statement. No matter how you plan to wear your watch, there is a Cartier masterpiece for you.

3. Type of Movement

Something important to consider when choosing a Cartier watch is the type of movement. Consumers have the choice between a mechanical and a battery. Most people who are simply looking at the style of the watch opt for a battery movement because there is little maintenance involved. You simply put a new battery in when the old one dies.

A mechanical type watch is a better selection for those who collect watches or are interested in their inner workings. These do require a little bit more maintenance, but for those who are interested in watches, it is worth the extra effort. Not only that, but when properly maintained, you know the piece will last beyond your lifetime.

4. Check Authenticity

Like many other expensive name-brand items, knockoffs or fakes are quite common. Before completing your Cartier purchase, you want to verify that it is an authentic Cartier watch no matter where you are buying it from. The fastest way to do this is to turn it over and look at the back.

The back should always be stamped with specific information, including the Cartier signature, what it’s made out of, and a four-digit model number. Handle the watch because all Cartier watches are crafted by the best in their field. Every piece of the watch should feel like it’s a quality piece and soundly constructed.

5. Consider the Value

As we mentioned before, all Cartier watches will hold their value over time, so any style you choose is worth the investment. When buying a pre-owned Cartier watch, you can often find them under market value. As long as they are authentic, this is a great way to add a timeless piece to your collection. These watches never go out of style, which is why they keep their value so well.