How Do You Store Watches When Not in Use?

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Watches can have 100 or more components on the inside, so they need to be treated with care. This includes storing them properly when they’re not being worn. It is especially important to do this when you have a valuable or vintage watch that you’d like to keep because you want it to increase in value, or at least depreciate a lot less. Even if you’re not a watch collector but you’re planning on wearing another watch for a while, you’ll need to know how to store your other watch to keep it in good condition. The best way to store watches varies depending on the type of watch it is, but there are some factors that apply regardless of the watch’s brand, value, or age.

5 Ways to Safely Store Watches

Storing watches has to be done a certain way so that the components on the inside of the watch will continue to work like they should. Remember that these components are very delicate and need to remain constant if the watch is to continue to work properly. Learning how to store watches when not in use is not difficult, and below are five very basic ways to do just that.

1. Buy a Safe

Safes do not have to be expensive to serve their purpose. You can get a heavy-duty, well-built safe for under $100 if you look online. A good safe protects the watch from dust, humidity, and varying temperatures, all of which not only wreak havoc on a watch but can also cause it to go down in value. Safes also protect the watch from criminals, and if the value of your watch collection is high, this is crucial. Safes generally have a combination lock that you set yourself, giving you more control over protecting your watches. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so they don’t necessarily have to take up a lot of space in your home or office.

2. Store it in a Box

This is perhaps the easiest way to store watches that aren’t being used. The original box that the watch came in works best, of course, but if you no longer have it, not to worry because any box that is clean, sturdy, and large enough for the watch to fit in properly will do. Make sure the inside of the box is clean and debris- and dust-free before placing the watch in it, and keep it closed tightly so that no air or dirt gets into it. A box is also good because it protects the watch from any electronic devices in the area that might magnetize it, which would require a service visit to remedy the situation.

3. Rent a Safe Deposit Box

The disadvantage of renting a safe deposit box is that you have to go to the bank if you want to look at or do anything to your watch, but a safe deposit box ensures the watch will be treated in the right manner. After all, it is kept inside all the time and kept in a tight container that will never get wet, dirty, or too humid. The temperature and humidity level will always be perfect, and you never have to worry about anyone stealing the watch because they are well-protected.

4. Buy a Watch-Winder

Watch winders keep your watch continuously wound, but more importantly, they are boxes that are specifically made for valuable watches that are being stored away for a time. In fact, investors frequently purchase watch winders for both of these reasons. Some of the factors you may want to consider before deciding on a watch winder include how easy it is to program it so that you can control what it does, how quiet it is when operating, and the type of power source it uses.

5. Buy a Storage Case

There are storage cases made specifically for watches, and many of them have glass tops that allow you to look inside at your collection. These cases are similar to jewelry boxes and have dividers that allow you to store a large number of watches at any given time, and the watches are very well-protected regardless of how long they remain in the case. They are also usually lined with soft materials such as felt, which helps prevent the watches from getting scratched or damaged.

Whether you’re a collector or you just love your watch, storing it properly is a must if you want that watch to last. There are other ways to store a watch in addition to these, but the important thing to remember is that you want a storage device that is tight, clean, dry, and safe. A watch doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to be considered valuable, so it’s worth it in the end to store it away the right way to help it keep its value and remain functional.