Nixon Watches Review – Best Watch Brand All Over The World

You can’t talk about the best watches brands all over the world without mentioning Nixon. Without doubt, Nixon watches will be at the top of the list and that’s why we choose to focus on Nixon watches review in this article.

One of the integral parts of our modern fashion and style is the use of stylish watches. Therefore having a quality branded wristwatch means a lot as it enhances your value and shows your class and dignity to others. For those looking for the best wristwatch with reasonable price, Nixon watches are the best option to choose.

The company was started back in 1997 by Chad DiNenna, and the brand’s product is still increasing in popularity till date.

Nixon has different types of watches for men and women, and from a different style of a wristwatch, you get great value, smartness, durability, appealing design and reliability that can’t be matched by some other products.

nixon watches review

What to look for in Nixon watches

Nixon is committed to creating wristwatches that you wouldn’t dare to live without and to make a purchase of the right one that perfectly suits your fashion style, here are some things to look into such as;


The features to look into is the same with both men and women as you have to choose from the best seller, new arrivals, customize and there is also one called star wars Nixon watch.


Nixon watches out here differed from each other based on their model. For those familiar with wristwatch will agree to this and for the men’s Nixon watches you have from the mission, Regulus, porter, sentry and time teller to make your selection. And for the female Nixon watch model, you have the option to choose from Kensington, Arrow and time teller. All these are the model of Nixon watches for men and women to choose from.

Band material

Nixon is committed to the satisfaction of whoever has their wristwatch on their hand, which is why they have different band materials for different Nixon watches such as leather, stainless steel, PU, rubber, and silicone for men and women.


There are different types of Nixon watches you will come across in the market and online, and for the men, you have surf, classic, digital to choose from while sporting, and classic and fashion options for women.

Recommended Top Nixon Watches Review

8# Men’s 48-20 Gun Rose Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch with Leather Band

Overview: If you are in the market for a Nixon wristwatch with quality design and alluring look, the men’s 48-20 gun rose stainless steel watch is to be considered.

The Gun rose stainless steel chronograph watch is made of solid and lasting leather band which will fit perfectly into any hand out there.


The stainless steel watch with the leather band has chronograph sub-dials, the bezel is unidirectional while it has the pushers and crown on the reverse side of the dial. The watch has Japanese quartz movement with the analog display to ensure it is easy to access and control, it uses a battery and can only be powered by battery and not by the user’s movement. The leather band has buckled to enable you to keep the watch firm in your hand. The wristwatch is water resistant and can be used within the range of 660ft which makes it ideal for water sports events and any marine activities.


  • The watch is a premium device can fit perfectly into every hand because it comes with a standard size.
  • The leather watch doesn’t wear or tear even when used in the moist area
  • It adds to your value and enhances your fashion look
  • The wristwatch is well designed with quality materials

  • Not a perfect choice for those who love steel band


Quality: The wristwatch is made of quality materials to ensure it meets the need of everyone out there in the market for a Nixon watch. The quality of the materials it’s made is a proof that it will last longer than some other watch on the market.

Design: The Nixon watch comes with 1C batteries to efficiently run, and that is included in the package, it has mineral dial window, the brown color band is made of leather calfskin material, it has an analog display, buckle, black color dial, unidirectional bezel, chronograph and Japanese quartz movement.

Price: It comes fairly expensive but with the features and quality of the watch, be assured it worth every penny spent on, it.

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7# Nixon Men’s Regulus Watch

Overview: The next on the list is a Regulus type watch from Nixon, which is a perfect fit for those who love to appear sophisticated. The regulus watch is well constructed to withstand whatever thrown at it. Speaking of a watch that is rugged, smart and stylish, you get all in this regulus men’s Nixon watch.

This is a wristwatch which can be used on a regular basis; it is a perfect gift for your husband, son and male friends who cherish and adore wristwatch.


The Nixon watch is reinforced with polycarbo Nate and poron housing to protect the custom digital LCD module face which is the right place to see the exact time, date, time and dual chronographs with 1/100 seconds resolution. It has an alarm system for those who love to time and remind themselves or use as a reminder; it has a countdown timer, it has backlit which makes it so easy for you to see the time even in the dark. And it has adjustable led light to give you full control of how you see the time.


  • The wristwatch has an adjustable band which makes it so easy to fit any hand
  • It has water resistant feature and can be used within the range of 100m which makes it ideal for sports activities that have to do with water
  • It operates on the battery which means that it doesn’t have to stop when you have it off except if the battery runs out of power.

  • It operates with 1 LR44 batteries, but it isn’t specified if it’s included with the package or not.


Quality: Every of Nixon wristwatch is of greater quality, and the Regulus wristwatch isn’t an exemption. The wristwatch is made of quality materials, and that simply means it will last longer with good performance rate.

Design: The Regulus wristwatch comes in black color, and it has digital movement with black dial, and it also has a digital display. It has two buttons on the front in which one is for the mode and the second is assigned to control the light.

Price: This doesn’t come cheap as you have to spend big for the synthetic black aband regulus digital Nixon wristwatch. It is of greater quality, and you’ll have no regret for every penny spent on it.

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6# Regulus Digital Watch All Sand

Overview: The next on the list is known as Regulus Digital Watch All Sand. The wristwatch has simple operation and it’s very intuitive with a minimal amount of menus which makes it very easy to use.

Well, you must have read a lot about the wristwatch but here is firsthand information of the wristwatch. If you can’t keep setting the time before use, this watch isn’t for you. You will have to press a button to bring up the light before you can see the time.

The wristwatch is durable although you can feel the density of the watch, it remains very comfortable to wear.


Nixon regulus wristwatch is a perfect timepiece to keep your day on schedule. It is solidly built, and it has reinforced polycarbonate and poron housing which helps to protect the custom digital LCD module face of the watch, which is the place to check the day, date and time. It has a timer and alarm system to help you become time conscious. It aswell has water-resistant feature of about 100m which makes it ideal for any sporting events that deal with water.

Also, it has backlit and adjustable led light to make sure you see the time without limitation even in the dark.


  • The wristwatch is very easy to use and secure with the help of the buckle clasp
  • The watch is a perfect gift for your son
  • It has digital view which is much easier to read for anyone
  • It is very accurate and precise

  • It has no major setback


Quality: The wristwatch is very solid and smart. Built with quality material and that influences the ruggedness of the watch.

Design: it comes with reinforced polycarbonate housing, it has thermoplastic polyurethane as the strap design, operates on battery, it has dual time and

Price: What you get is determined by the amount you are willing to pay, and this is one of the best in the market, and it will require you to spend your dollar on it.

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5# Unisex the Time Teller X Timberline Summit Collection

Overview: The time teller X Timberline Summit collection is one of the simplest Nixon wristwatches regarding the design. The wristwatch is designed with the aim to tell the time and that’s all. It is a perfect fit for those who love to have a smart and simple wristwatch.

It isn’t as buoyant and comfy in design with the rest of the products we have above, yet it has a quality design that makes it irresistible for some people.

The time teller X Timberline wristwatch is just at its best to keep your time conscious and meet up with you meetings without being late. It has no number on the face as the numbers are replaced with lines which is why it is a watch for adults and young lads with time knowledge.


The quality watch is made of solid stainless steel case, and it has stayed less steel fixed bezel. It has hardened mineral crystal, triple gasket stainless steel crown l, it has stainless steel screw-down case back and spring pin lugs and also stainless steel locking clasp. The movement of the watch is Japanese quartz three-hand movement, the second hand, minute and hour hand. It has dial feature and can resist water up to about 100m.

It adds to your value and fashion sense whenever you have it in your hand. It is compatible with any dress code, it is powered by a battery and can be replaced once it runs out of power.


  • It is a quality watch that can be used any time of the day
  • The wristwatch is made of quality design, and it is as well stylish to add to your fashion sense
  • A perfect piece to remain time conscious and meet up with a meeting on time.

  • It has a lesser stylish design


Quality: The wristwatch is made of quality materials, and this made it worthwhile and appealed to every simple man out there.

Design: The watch is made of stainless steel with the band coming in grey color; the dial is blue. It has quartz movement and water resistant feature which can go up to about 330ft and keep it secured; it has hook clasp to keep the watch intact in your hand.

Price: It is less expensive as compared to some others which I’ve discussed in this article this far.

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4# Nixon Unit A197000-00. Black Men’s Digital Watch

Overview: The Nixon black men’s digital watch with the unit code A197000-00 is the next in the list of the top Nixon wristwatch you will find on the market.

This pretty timepiece makes life easier for everyone who loves to wear a wristwatch and add to their fashion sense. It is designed to meet your need, and it is environmentally friendly which makes it easy to use in any condition.

A perfect birthday gift for those who love digital watch above analog wristwatch. It works perfectly, and the design will add to your overall appearance.


The watch operates on a digital movement with a positive and negative display. It is essentially beneficial in such that it shows the time, date, alarm, countdown timer, a thermometer to tell the atmospheric condition state and LCD screen to see the time. The wristwatch has a silicone band and locking loopers and buckles for maximum comfort.


  • It can be used anywhere
  • The display of the time is very clear to see without straining the eyes
  • It is resistant to water up to about 330 feet which makes it ideal for water sport activities

  • It has on major setback except for the fact that those who love analog watch will not cherish it.


Quality: The wristwatch is compact and sophisticated in design and style which makes it alluring to those who love digital wristwatch

Design: It has stationary bezel function; if has a date, time and thermometer on the face, it has a black dial, it has dual time display, timer, stainless steel case, buckle to ensure it is safe when in your hand.

Price: The wristwatch isn’t expensive as some other wristwatch you will find in the market. It worth every money spent on it and you will be glad you acquire this time masterpiece.

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3# Men’s 48-20 Geo Volt Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch

Overview: It is one of the gorgeous wristwatches I’ve ever seen in a lifetime. The wristwatch is perfect in construction, and many accolades have to be given to Nixon for the production of this wonderful wristwatch.

The gorgeous stainless steel watch has engraved bezel, left-hand pushers, and crown. The wristwatch with three chronograph sub-dials comes with 48mm stainless steel case with mineral dial window. It operates with Japanese quartz movement along with the analog display.


The wristwatch has three links stainless steel band, and this has fold-over clasp with double push-button safety and micro-adjust closure.

It has water resistance feature of about 200m (550ft) which makes the wristwatch suitable for professionals and those who want to get involved in water sports activities.


  • The wristwatch is amazing and works very well
  • It is powered by batteries, and once it runs out of power, it can easily be replaced
  • It is stylish and will add to your fashion sense

  • It’s a bit heavy


Quality: Be assured you will always get the best from every Nixon watches and the Geo volt watch isn’t a disappointment to their value as it is well designed with quality material

Design: It is designed with strong and reliable materials and has quality features which makes it one of the best Nixon wristwatch in the market.

Price: The wristwatch is fairly expensive and the worth or value overshadows the price tag that comes with the watch.

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2# Porter A1057. 100m Water Resistant Men’s Watch

Overview: The Nixon watch with the code porter A1057 is a premium wristwatch for those love to appear smart and simple at the same time.

It isn’t a bulky watch but will always take every notice from people whenever you have it in your hand. It shows a level of class and dignity of whoever has it on.

Not everyone will appreciate the fact that it has an analog operation system, but it will give you a sense of the actual time and add to your fashion sense.


It is a smart watch that can be used anywhere and anytime. Although, it is the least in the recommendation as regarding resistance to water to another watch I’ve discussed in this article. It is limited to 50m which makes it less ideal for any activities that deal with water.


  • The stainless steel wristwatch is lightweight and easy to clasp on one’s hand
  • It is well designed and constructed to meet the need of everyone
  • It is a quality watch which makes it a perfect gift for friends and family

  • It has no major setback aside from the point that it has 50m water resistance feature


Quality: None has complained about the quality of this wristwatch, and this talks more on the value of Nixon and their service to satisfy customers

Design: It is an analog wristwatch, and all the parts of the watch come in black color. It has screw down crown and quartz movement.

Price: Quality products don’t come cheap, and that means you will have to pay to acquire this wristwatch because it is fairly expensive and affordable

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1# Porter Leather A10582494-00. Gunmetal Grey and Tan Leather Men’s Watch

Overview: The last on the list is a leather band wristwatch from Nixon and if I’m it mistaken, it would be the first I’ll review in this post. You can’t overlook this wristwatch if you are the type that loves stylish wristwatch that makes one get noticed without announcement.

It is a quality wristwatch made with solid materials to meet the need of everyone who is a fan of Nixon products.


The wristwatch comes with a Japanese quartz movement with 18mm genuine leather strap. It is a minimalist watch which can be used by anyone who prefers the leather band to stainless steel.

It is simple and stylish, and its smartness makes it easy to use for anyone who doesn’t love to appear sophisticated.


  • It is very resourceful as to get you informed on the actual time
  • The watch is stylish and smart, yet it is strong and durable

  • It can go beyond 160 feet water submersion, and that’s because it has a leather band


Quality: The wristwatch is made of quality material to assure you it will last longer when used properly

Design: The Porter wristwatch has bold printed hour indices and a stamped second’s track. The custom stainless steel case, hardened mineral crystal, and stainless steel screw down caseback. It has stationary bezel function and quartz movement.

Price: It is isn’t too pricey and affordable for anyone who desire to have the watch.

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Nixon watches review isn’t just a plan to compel you to buy any of the products listed, but a clear means of showing to you the service and value rendered by Nixon. You get the best wristwatch from any of those in this article. Goodluck.

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