Can I Wear My G-Shock in the Pool?

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Casio is one of the largest technology companies in Japan. They are responsible for making a wide range of equipment. They make calculators, watches, and a host of other equipment in many different industries. Their G-Shock watches are some of the most durable and resilient watches in the world, and they are widely used by military professionals and adventurers.

Can I Wear My G-Shock in the Pool?

The G-Shock watches are available in several collections, and are designed for specific purposes. These watches are designed to be exposed to rigorous environments, and can easily take a beating. However, most people often wonder about the G Shock water resistance rating and whether they can wear it in the pool. More importantly, how deep can it go?

The good thing is that wearing a G Shock watch in the pool is a nonissue. Under normal conditions, the G shock waterproof housing ensures that water doesn’t seep in. These watches are resistant to a range of up to 200 meters. Even the ones that don’t come with a specific rating are usually resistant to water for up to 100 meters.

Needless to say, these watches are designed for regular swimming, and you can easily jump in the pool while wearing one.

Waterproof Versus Water Resistant

A common mistake that many people make is that they tend to confuse waterproof with water resistant. Both are actually quite different terms. A waterproof housing means that it doesn’t allow any kind of moisture inside, and has been thoroughly tested in different environments. On the other hand, a water-resistant housing is designed to prevent water from seeping in up to a specific pressure limit, but there’s no guarantee.

You have to understand that when you swim, the movement of your arms dramatically increases the pressure on your watch. As a result, even a 100-meter water-resistant G-shock might allow water to seep in. If you swim aggressively, there is a risk that water might seep in, so buying a G Shock with a 200-meter water-resistance rating makes a great deal of sense.

Is G-Shock Waterproof or Water Resistant?

A common question that many people ask is whether their G-Shock watches are water resistant or waterproof. If you take a look at the watch, you will realize that it mostly says WR20Bar. This means water resistant to a depth of up to 200 meters. Waterproof simply means impervious and completely preventing water from seeping in.

Rubber, for instance, is a waterproof material. On the other hand, water resistant simply means the ability to resist water from penetrating up to a specific degree, but not completely. That is one of the reasons why watches are water resistant; they are able to resist water up to a specific depth.

How Does Depth Relate to Pressure?

To understand this, you need to understand basic fluid dynamics. When you go deeper into the ocean, the amount of water pressure continues to increase. Basically, all of the water that is above you starts to push down on all of the water that’s below.

As you continue to go deeper, the amount of water pushing down begins to increase. If you have a G-Shock on your wrist, the water is also pushing down on its case. That is one of the reasons why the case of your watch needs to be specially reinforced. It has to be tough enough to withstand the excessive pressure.

Are All G-Shock Watches Resistant to Water?

Almost all G-Shock watches come with a water-resistance rating of up to 200 meters. This is as high as it goes, in general, because most recreational divers do not dive below 70 meters. The most some go is up to 100 meters, and that’s about it. There are a range of G-Shock watches that are designed primarily for deep sea diving, but even those just have a maximum resistance of 200 meters.

Apart from that, these watches come with a litany of features, such as telling you the depth and giving you illuminated figures. So, in a nutshell, wearing your G-Shock watch in the pool is definitely not a problem, and you can easily wear one without having to worry about much at all. It’s a very tough watch!