Why Do People Wear Two Watches?

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Whether watching a movie or out in public, you may have noticed this strange occurrence before. You see that someone has two watches on. But what is double-wristing? Why would someone wear two watches when it seems like one can do the job just fine?

There are more than a few reasons for this. Here are five in particular.

1. Style

First and foremost, the reason that you may see someone class=”s2″>wearing two watches<span class=”s1″> is because of a fashion statement. Trends come and go, but style is still one of the ultimate ways to express one’s self. It is an anchor, a social mainstay regardless of the society throughout the centuries.

Some fashion trends can be more bombastic than others. Others are not following a trend, instead choosing to create their own. That is where multiple watches may come into play. Whether it catches on or not, it creates a statement all its own.

The impact of that trend can depend on who is doing it. The average person may not be able to make two watches happen, but if a celebrity were to begin making it a statement, then it could catch on.

2. Functionality

That said, not every piece of clothing or every accessory is about looking good. For some, wearing two watches is more of a functional approach than it is a fashion-related one. For instance, someone may wear a plain watch with a traditional face for telling time while using a smartwatch to keep appointments, listen to music, and text.

Having a smartwatch on one wrist with a traditional timepiece on the other can serve a practical function in just that way. It is getting the best of both worlds and maximizing the use of each watch.

German watchmaker Sinn is trying to take double-wristing to the next level. They offer a dual strap system that allows users to wear both a smartwatch and mechanical watch on the very same strap. When you can’t choose between the two, just wear both at the same time.

3. Sentiment

While some people can take or leave watches, others wear them out of a love for timepieces. Some may even be wearing theirs because it holds a significant place in their heart. If you are looking for an example, there may be none better than the late Princess Diana.

Back in 1981, Lady Di was photographed wearing two watches while out at the Guards Polo Club in Windsor. But why was the Princess wearing two watches? Well, one of them belonged to her fiancé at the time, Prince Charles. She wore it in tribute to him in hopes that it would bring good luck to him as he played at the club.

For others, watches can have a significant meaning. Just think about the watch that Butch had in Pulp Fiction and the lengths he was willing to go through to get it back when it was thought to be lost.

4. Tracking Time Zones

You can find a watch in today’s market that will display two time zones at once. Or, you can buy a smartwatch that can also display the dual time, allowing you to see in real time what time it is in multiple time zones.

That said, some people are of a traditional ilk and just want to have two separate watches, one for each of their wrists. Looking for an example like this? Check out pictures involving former United States Army general Norman Schwarzkopf.

He would wear two watches, a common piece of public knowledge back then. Since he was in the public eye during the Gulf War, television viewers would come up with plenty of questions as to why the general was wearing two timepieces when most would wear one. And now you have the answer.

5. Just Because

We search for meaning and reason in all of the things that people do. But sometimes it is just a matter of “I wanted to, that’s why.” Not everything has to have a meaning or reason behind it, especially something as simple as wearing an additional watch.

Whether it is a fashion statement, a matter of practicality, wanting to have quick access to multiple time zones, or simply because it fancies you, wearing two watches is up to the person doing it. There doesn’t have to be any special sentiment, fashion reason, or practical reason behind it all. One can simply enjoy wearing two timepieces.

Whatever your reasons are, it is not as uncommon as you may think to wear multiple timepieces. Give it a try sometime and see how it fits you. You may find that it doesn’t suit you or it may even unlock something that you didn’t know existed before.