Can All Watches Be Repaired?

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When your watch starts to act funny, bringing it to a professional watch repair shop is your best bet; however, if you’re wondering if all watches can be repaired, the answer is not always as cut and dry as you might think. While nearly all watches can, in fact, be repaired, this doesn’t mean that it is feasible to do so.

In fact, older watches and watches that were inexpensive to begin with are rarely worth the time and money you’ll have to spend on them to make sure that they work right from that point on. As the saying goes, it sometimes costs as much to repair a watch as it would to buy a new one, so why wouldn’t you just buy a brand-new one instead?

How Often Should I Get My Watch Serviced?

As a general rule, watches should be serviced every three to five years, but of course, if you notice that something may be wrong with the watch before that time, you should definitely have it checked out immediately. This three- to five-year recommendation is what most watch manufacturers use, but you should check with the instructions that come with the watch to make sure the manufacturer doesn’t recommend something else. Keep in mind that this is a general recommendation and not applicable to every watch on the market.

Why is servicing your watch so important?

For many reasons, but most watch repair companies will do the following when the watch is being serviced:

  • Open the watch and remove the movement
  • Clean all of the parts on the inside of the watch thoroughly
  • Re-oil all of the parts that need oiling in order to keep them fully functional
  • Replace any broken parts that might be found inside of the watch
  • In some cases, the repair shop will de-magnetize the watch, which is important since there are so many electronic items near us these days
  • Clean and shine the outside of the watch

You can think of watch servicing as an “overhaul,” because the right repair person will repair or replace anything that needs to be taken care of. They’ll take good care of everything on the inside and outside of the watch so that it works properly from then on.

How Much Should a Watch Repair Cost?

Watch repairs can be expensive, but the total cost you’ll end up paying can vary greatly depending on the repair needed and the brand of watch you own. For instance, a simple battery replacement can cost as little as $10 or in the $45 to $60 range for a water-resistant watch. For complicated or chronograph watches, you could pay $65 to $95 for a simple battery change. Other types of repairs include:

  • New strap: a new strap can cost as little as $20 for a basic leather strap or up to $500 for expensive Swiss brands
  • Basic steel strap: this can be from $50 to $75, although some expensive watches can cost up to $1000
  • Gold or platinum strap: these can cost in the thousands of dollars, depending on the type
  • Crystal replacement: acrylic crystals usually cost around $30, while sapphire crystals can cost up to $150

If you need a complete overhaul, it can sometimes cost as much as a new watch, so getting an estimate on this service is a smart thing to do. If you need any other type of repairs, especially if it’s something rare or unique to your specific brand of watch, it behooves you to get an estimate from a professional watch repair company because this is the only way to know about how much you’ll be paying for the service.

Can I Repair My Own Watch?

Repairing your watch yourself is usually not recommended, simply because most people have neither the tools nor the expertise to do the job right. Watch repair is part science and part art, and it has to come from a well-trained professional who knows all about various types of watches.

Remember that no two watch brands are exactly alike, so hiring an expert is always your best bet. Not only will an expert guarantee the work will be done right, but you’ll also not have to worry about the watch having more problems in the end. When you try to repair your watch yourself, you could end up breaking something that wasn’t broken before and make things worse overall.

When people want to know about their watch being “repaired,” that could mean anything from a simple battery replacement to replacement of one of the components on the inside of the watch. Watches are intricately designed and must be serviced or repaired by experts who know what they’re doing.

While most watches can be repaired, not all of them are economical to repair and it’s up to you to decide whether you want the repairs to take place or simply buy a new watch. Once you get estimates from the professionals, the decision will be much easier to make.