Is Zenith a Good Watch Brand?

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If you’re new to the world of watches and want to know which ones are the best watches out there, you’re in the right place. There are dozens of name brands out there to choose from and when investing in a watch, you want to make sure your money is going to wear a watch that will be worth your while. Zenith is a name you’ve probably heard before as these Swiss luxury timepieces have been around since 1865. But just because a brand is popular doesn’t necessarily mean it manufactures good products. So, is Zenith a good watch brand? Keep reading to find out.

History of Zenith Watch

As mentioned previously, the Zenith brand has been around since 1865, when it was first founded by Georges Favre-Jacot. To this day, this company is known to be one of the leading luxury names in watchmaking. Zenith is also known for manufacturing their own movements in-house, a tradition they still uphold today.

The company name, Zenith, is used because it symbolizes the infinite heights of performance and excellence that the brand is built upon. Zenith is known for being an innovative brand and had one of their “firsts” happen in 1899 when they launched the pocket chronograph. In 1960, the brand continued to prove their innovation by breaking records with the launch of the Caliber 5011K.

In 1994, Zenith experienced yet another first, this time after the launch of the Elite movement, which is known for being the brand’s first ultra-thin movement. The revolution didn’t stop there, however. Also in 1994, Zenith launched its first ever caliber using Computer Assisted Design technology during development achieving high praises along the way.

Over the years, Zenith has been acknowledged for their contributions to urbanism, industrial architecture, and culture, specifically in the town of Le Locle, Neuchatel, where Zenith first came to be.

Most recently, Zenith was able to celebrate their 150th anniversary of the launch of El Primero, a caliber that beats at 36,000 vibrations per hour and is the first-ever integrated automatic chronograph movement to be created. The watch continues to be an icon in the watch industry and was even given a modern upgrade recently to celebrate the milestone in the form of the Zenith El Primero: Chronomaster. The watch was created with the style codes of the original El Primero and was only made in 150 pieces.

Five Reasons Why Zenith Watches Are Worth it

Now that you know the rich history of Zenith watches, you might be eager to get your hands on a Zenith watch of your very own. However, the large price tag may be a little off putting for some who may have a hard time justifying paying that much for a watch. But if you are on the fence, it is important to know and consider why Zenith watches are worth the investment.

1. Accuracy

As mentioned before, the El Primero is an iconic watch because it has a highly precise, high-beat automatic caliber that resonances at 36,600 VpH. Aside from the fact that it makes the watch that much more accurate, the El Primero is legendary and the first of its kind, which makes it that much more valuable in itself.

2. Complexity

Part of what makes a watch valuable is the complexity of it. Zenith watches include perpetual calendars and similar advanced features and tourbillons that are considered the top of the game and something not many manufacturers have been able to produce.

3. Price Point

As far as luxury watches go, Zenith offers a good price point considering how impressive their products are. While some Zenith watches can cost as much as $32,000, there are some entry level watches that will only run you about $4,000.

4. Exclusivity

The supply of Zenith watches isn’t as high as it may be for other luxury watches, so it makes them that much more exclusive. This, in turn, makes owning one more special, too. Due to the fact that they are manufactured in house, they produce less watches per year than some of their competitors do.

5. Durability

Zenith watches are made of steel and other high-quality materials, so you can guarantee they’ll last you a lifetime. In fact, you may even be able to pass it down to future generations to come.

How Do Zenith Watches Compare to Other Brands?

As you may already know, Zenith is just one of the many luxury watch brands on the market today. This means that when you want to purchase a luxury brand, you have a few to consider. In comparison with Rolex, Zenith watches have a few differences. For one, Zenith is an older brand and one that may be more attractive to people who prefer legacy and heritage over the popularity of Rolex. While Zenith has better complications, a Rolex has a high resale value and can make a quicker investment.

Breitling is another popular luxury watch brand that is often compared to Zenith. Zenith watches tend to be more classic in terms of their style while Breitling watches are bigger and bulkier. Breitling does, however, produce some of the most accurate Quartz watches out there. Which one you choose all boils down to your own personal taste.

Omega is hands down, one of the leading watchmaking brands out there and a huge competitor to Zenith. It is, after all, the watch that James Bond uses. Not to mention an Omega watch landed on the moon in 1969.

The Omega watches certainly have as much of a rich history as Zenith watches do but they tend to be more affordable with some costing as low as $2,000. Omega is also more accurate when it comes to timekeeping, but Zenith beats it in terms of being the most precise chronograph. Again, this is one of those decisions you would have to make based on your own personal preference and what it is you’re looking to get out of the watch.