Seiko SKX007 vs Seiko SKX009 – The Ultimate Guide

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Are you looking for a new, prefect and budget watch? We have two of the best for you choose from Seiko skx007 vs skx009. They are stylish and have features and qualities that you cannot find on a regular watch. Last year, the watch market was estimated to be 9.8 billion dollars. The size of the market is growing today like never before. Next year, the market will be much larger than anticipated. As the market grows, the more sophisticated these watches will be.

400;”>Seiko has been active in the watch market for 137 years now. With all the experience, opportunities and setbacks the company has had, you can be sure you are choosing a high-quality watch. So, which should you pick between the two models made by the same organization?

Features Of The Seiko SKX007 Models

Seiko skx007 Overview

Seiko SKX007


SEIKO Men's Automatic Analogue Watch with Rubber Strap SKX007K
  • Quality Japanese Automatic movement; Functions without a battery; Powers automatically with the movement of your arm
  • Hardlex crystal
  • Case diameter: 42 mm
  • Stainless-steel case; Black dial; Date-and-day functions
  • Water resistant to 660 feet (200 M): suitable for recreational scuba diving

Resistance to water

Most Seiko watches are usually resistant to water to allow the user to swim and have some fun in water. The skx007 allows the user to dive in water. It is also water-resistant up to a depth of 200 meters in water. If you love water-related sports and marine activities, then this is the watch for you.  

LumiBrite Hands/Markers

This feature allows the user to read time at night or in locations where there is no sufficient light.  The skx007 has this feature in place to save you time and energy. Even in bright daylight, this feature works amazingly well.

Stainless Steel Case

The Seiko skx007 has a stainless steel case that enables it to last longer. It is also light on the wrist and has a crisp look. One other feature that can enhance the durability of this watch is the Hardlex crystal which offers scratch resistance.

Hardlex Crystal

The Seiko skx007 has this feature that enhances its durability through resistance to scratches. The more the crystal used on the watch, the higher its cost. It is wise to know how much scratch resistant you want your watch to have.

Automatic watch

Some Seiko watches such as the skx007 are automatic watches thus they require no batteries to operate. They are normally powered by the movement of the users’ arms. These wrist watches have reserve power that enable them to function even when they are not worn.

Day and Date function

This feature allows you to view the date and day at a glance. Seiko understands that we have so much to do in our daily lives that we sometimes forget the date and day. You need not carry your phone or calendar everywhere you go. Just wear the skx007 on your wrist and everything is sorted.

Auto relay

Every time your wristwatch runs out of battery, you need not set it correctly always. The Seiko skx007 has an auto relay feature that automatically sets the correct time. This will save you a lot of time and energy in the long run. How good is that?

Quartz Movement

Having been among the first organizations to manufacture watches with the quartz movement mechanism, Seiko has the best timepieces in the world. This mechanism always keeps accurate time and therefore as a wearer of the skx007, you can be sure you have a magnificent piece.

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Seiko skx009 Overview

Seiko SKX009


SEIKO Men's SKX009K2 Diver's Analog Automatic Stainless Steel Watch
  • Battery-free automatic dive watch featuring two-tone unidirectional bezel and blue dial with day/date window and luminous hands/indices
  • 42 mm stainless steel case with Hardlex dial window
  • Japanese automatic movement with analog display
  • Five-link stainless steel band featuring fold-over clasp with safety closure
  • Water resistant to 200 m (660 ft): In general, suitable for professional marine activity and serious surface water sports, but not scuba diving

Water resistance

The Seiko skx009 is water-resistant and allows the user to swim and perform other water-related activities for up to a depth of 200 meters. This watch cannot be used for scuba diving. It is not easy to find Seiko watches in the market that actually can survive deep submersion. If you want a watch to have fun on a minimal amount of water, then this is the watch for you.

LumiBrite Hands/Markers

This feature is present on most Seiko watches and that includes the Seiko skx009. It allows the user to read time at night or in locations where there is no sufficient light. In general, this feature works best with Seiko watches compared to other watch brands. This feature also works in places where there is broad light.

Hardlex Crystal

This is a wonderful feature as it enhances the durability of your watch through scratch resistance. It is important to note that the more sapphire crystal is used on a watch, the more expensive it becomes. As a buyer and user, it is important for you to determine how much scratch resistance you want your Seiko skx009 to have.

Day and Date function

This function in the Seiko skx009 lets you view the day and date at a glance. Today, everyone is very busy trying to catch up with the world. Most times, we find ourselves having forgotten today’s day and date. You do not need to keep on removing your mobile phone just to check time. Seiko skx009 has everything in place for you. Just glance at it and everything will come to mind.

Multi-language option

The Seiko skx009 has a special feature that allows you to change the language of the day. If you do not understand English or you prefer another language such as French or Japanese, just unlock the crown and turn it counterclockwise.

Pull out the crown once you hear the first click then turn the crown clockwise until you reach yesterday’s date. Now turn the crown counter-clockwise till the previous day of the week in the language you wanted. It is really quite easy.

Precise automatic movement

This feature allows your watch to keep accurate time always. Most watch lose or gain time as they get older but not this one. It will keep accurate time even as you travel in different time zones. The technology used in the Seiko skx009 is just sophisticated.

Polished stainless steel case

Most Seiko watches including the Seiko skx009 have a stainless steel case that enhances its durability and look. It also makes it lighter to wear it on your wrist most of the time. However, in terms of durability, think of adding the Hardlex crystal to make it resistant to scratches. Scratches make a watch look older than it really is.


Seiko has 137 years of active involvement in the watch industry. Due to this fact, the need to continuously innovate and manufacture new designs for their consumers is great. The Seiko skx007 and the Seiko skx009 are products of the same line with very little differences.

When it comes to performance, both of them work just well. They are stylish, unique, durable and low maintenance. With high performance and precision, you definitely expect the best from these two watches.

Seiko company knows how to blend their watches for luxury, sport and official use. As a user, you need not sacrifice your hobby because your watch will get destroyed or buy a watch that you will only use when you go for vacation. Once you invest in a Seiko watch, you are sure you have bought a reliable and durable watch that will go for several years of daily use.

The high accuracy which Seiko uses on their watches allows you to tell time accurately. Every year, it is estimated that a Seiko watch maintains its accuracy within five to ten seconds. The average watch loses about fifteen seconds every month.

The movement of the Seiko skx007 and Seiko skx009 varies. Each has its own movement style. They include:

Kinematic movement: This unique movement turns the movement of your wrist into power

Quartz precision movement: Seiko is recognized for manufacturing quartz watches and they are considered to be among the top in the watch industry today.

Another advantage of investing in Seiko watches is the wide variety of watches to choose from. In this case we have the Seiko skx007 and the Seiko skx009 which are of different prices hence can suit different types of people in the market. The Seiko skx009 is quite cheaper compared the Seiko skx007 in the market today. According to your tastes and preferences, you can choose which watch best suits you.

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Things to Consider When Picking a Watch Brand

If you are reading this, you are probably a lover of watches. You know that the watch you pick and wear defines who you are on a deeper level. What are some of the key issues to analyze before picking a watch?

Customer Service

This is usually a key issue to look at before picking a watch. The company you want to buy your watch from should have excellent customer care skills. If not, fire them! Look for an organization that genuinely cares for you as a customer.

See if they respond quickly and efficiently to your questions, issues to do with refunds, warranties and exchanges. Remember, this is not $5 dollar watch you are planning to buy.

Seiko has a good customer care service. They help users with general queries and complaints. They also offer quality repairs for your watch to ensure you are never stressed.


Seiko is among the top brands in the watch industry. So which watch between the Seiko skx007 vs Seiko skx009 is better? Both watches perform remarkably well. They are water-resistant, scratch-resistant and have power reserves.

Seiko skx007 functions better in overall compared to the Seiko skx009. It has a water resistant level of up to 200m with the scuba diving option available while the Seiko skx009 does not have the scuba diving option though you can go up to a depth of 200m under water.

The Seiko skx007 powers automatically once you start moving your arms. The Seiko skx009 does not have this feature. Seiko skx007 is also cheaper compared to the Seiko skx009.


Seiko originally started back in 1881 in Tokyo, Japan by Kintaro Hattori. It first started operating as a jewelry shop. Ten years later, Hattori began producing clocks called Seikosha which means house of exquisite workmanship.[Source]

Seiko in Japanese means success or exquisite. The first watch made by Seiko appeared in the market in the year 1924. As the organization continued to grow, in 1969, it manufactured and started selling the Astron which was the first quartz watch in the world. And its cost was similar to a medium-size car. Today, Seiko is 137 years old.

The Seiko skx007 and the Seiko skx009 are almost identical to each other. They are of the same series and have most features similar to each other.


The Seiko skx007 and the Seiko skx009 are both great watches. Having being manufactured by a leading watchmaker in the market for over a century now, you can be sure you have a reliable watch. So, between the two watches, which one is better?  

In terms of quality and functionality, both watches perform similar to each other. When it comes to features, the Seiko skx007 is better as you can do scuba diving and other water-related sports. It is also cheaper compared to Seiko skx009 model. The Seiko skx009 model has one advantage and that is the stainless steel strap which enhances its look and durability.

The Seiko skx007 has a rubber strap which might weaken in the long run after continuous use hence the stainless steel strap of the Seiko skx009 is better.

At the end of it all, it all comes down to personal tastes and preferences. According to your needs and current financial situations, you can choose the best watch for you. Both of them perform well. They are durable and reliable in the long run than most watches in the market. Seiko has many fans in the market and the number is expected to grow in the future. Go for Seiko today.    

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