Seiko SNK803 Review – Automatic Men’s Watch

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Seiko is one of the few fully integrated watches manufactures. The company designs and develops its movements using leading-edge technology. Seiko as a brand is known for its style and technology. Seiko snk803 Automatic Watch is made to fit into your everyday life mainly for effective functioning while the watch is still attractive.

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Here, we will be making a review of the Seiko SNK803 Men’s Watch, and the review will cover the product’s features, pros, and cons.

You can get Seiko SNK803 Automatic watch at a low price of $ 68.99, and the company guarantees all its customers quality products.

Seiko SNK803 Review – Automatic Men’s Watch Canvas

Seiko SNK803 Overview

The company was established by Kintaro Hattori as “Kintaro Hattori and Company Limited” in the year 1881 in Japan that gradually changed into Seiko corporation.  Seiko Company manufactured came up with its first watch in the year 1955 then followed the quartz watches that we popularly used during the Tokyo Olympic Games in Japan in the year 1964.

Seiko is rated among top companies in cutting-edge Quartz technology and the leading in designing watches, innovation and sells them at reasonable prices. The company is among a few wristwatch manufacturers that produce products, mainly watches and other minor products such as lubricating oil that is used in the Seiko SNK803 Automatic Watches.

We recommend that you use Seiko SNK803 if indeed you are looking for a quality wristwatch that is sold at a low price of $ 68.99. This type of watch has unique features that you may not get them in other watches. The features include displaying both date and day, Luminescent hands and canvas strap with buckle closure; Water resistant to over 30m.

The Seiko SNK803 Automatic Watches are designed in a manner that they can display both the date and the date. The Seiko snk803 Automatic does not use a battery, and it is the best option.

Once you have a Seiko snk803 Automatic watch, you will not incur extra costs of buying a battery. Furthermore, the Seiko SNK803 watch is designed with a stainless steel case which is durable, rust-resistant and strong.

 Key Features

  • Displays both the date and day
  • Has Luminescent hands
  • Stainless steel case
  • Ability to resist scratch
  • Canvas strap with buckle closure
  • Water resistant /Diving watch
Things We Liked

  • Affordable price
  • Original product
  • Automatic self-wind
  • Water resistant depth
  • Sizeable watch
  • Very masculine and stylish look and feel
  • Manufacturer warranty
Things We Didn’t Like

  • Speeds up by more than 20 minutes per day
  • Loose threads/stitching
  • The lume fades much quicker

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Target Customer

Men don’t wear jewelry that much, so the one we are giving in this Seiko snk803 Automatic review is your match. Seiko SNK803 watch is, therefore, a man’s essential accessory and we can use it to tell his lifestyle and personality.

The watch you purchase and wear can be the extension of your lifestyle, and therefore it is recommended that you choose one that is a replica.

The Seiko SNK803 is the best watch for you because it has it is one of the brand new watches with good aesthetics, functionality and can be purchased at an affordable price.

Key Features of Men’s SNK803 Seiko 5

The luminosity of the watch

If you have always been mesmerized by your watch when it glows in the dark and wished it would never lose its luminosity, then purchase a timepiece like a Seiko SNK803 which operates with gaslight that enables it to emit light on its own.  The Seiko SNK803 watch has micro gas tubes that are inserted in the sweeping second hand, minute hand and the hour hands that make it advantageous for you to read time during the night when there is low light.

Calibration of the watch

The watch has a 5-minute marker that allows you to read the time easily. The calibrations are made with glittering materials which give the Seiko SNK803 watch a better look.

Hardlex mineral crystal dial window

The Seiko SNK803 watch is made of a hardlex mineral crystal dial window that is more resistant to scratches than any other ordinary covers. The cover of Seiko SNK803 watch is also more brittle and therefore can easily crack or chip then you expose them to stress.  The Seiko SNK803 watch is the best option if you are planning to enjoy yourself in rock climbing or biking on a winter holiday season.

Water-resistant /diving watch

The Seiko snk803 Automatic watch is the best diver’s timepiece which is de rigueur in every man’s timepiece collection. The watch has a water-resistant of over 30m making it a better option over other diving watches. If you are looking for a water-resistant watch that you can dive with safely in a swimming pool that if even 500m deep, then the Seiko snk803 Automatic is your best match.


Price is an important factor to consider when buying a watch. Deciding on a budget is not that way simple for a watch. Most individuals wishing to purchase a first-time watch are most likely to budget with higher amount for added benefits such as durability and design.

Different brands overprice their watches, and one must lay smart here. If you are looking for a watch with a good design, then the Seiko snk803 Automatic is the watch to check for it is sold at a relatively lower price of $ 68.99.

Stainless Steel Case

Stainless steel cases are the combination of steel and chromium, which makes a Seiko snk803 Automatic watch an irresistible find. If you are looking for an expensive watch, then this in the Seiko snk803 review is yours.

Stainless steel is preferred by many individuals because it has some added sophistication and style. The stainless steel case is also durable, rust-resistant and stronger than other cases.


When deciding to purchase a new watch, the battery is one of the essential factors to consider. This is the most common and inexpensive watch movement to obtain. The Seiko snk803 Automatic does not use a battery, and it is the best option.

Once you have a Seiko snk803 Automatic watch, you will not include extra costs of buying a battery.

Watch Winder

The watch winder is mechanical and adopts a very different kind of dial movement technology. This mechanism offers more complex, but sophisticated technology than the quartz. This is the reason why most individuals prefer using mechanical movement like that in Seiko snk803 Automatic. The watches have been used since the beginning of the era of watches.

Though this technology of mechanical movement has changed over many years, it is still effective.

Mechanical movement in Seiko snk803 automatic watch uses energy from a durable and robust wound spring. The watch does not use a battery instead it uses the wound spring which stores sufficient energy and transfers it for better movement through the gears and springs that results in high power supply and accuracy of the watch.

Power reserve

Unlike other watches, Seiko snk803 Automatic watch is a self-winding watch that operates automatically, and it is backed up with a metal weight, rotor. The rotor provides energy to the watch that enables the watch to work day and night even if the owner does not wear it.

The Seiko snk803 Automatic watch is more improvised and more efficient regarding energy than another type of watches, both digital and analog watches.

The Seiko snk803 Automatic watch receives its constant power the moment you start moving your arm, and if you decide to keep it aside, the watch is capable of functioning for over 48 hours and will recharge once you wear it again.


An advantage with this feature on you is that you can be a globetrotter who can frequently travel across different time zones. The Seiko snk803 Automatic watch has a world time function that is ideal for you and the ability to display time in different zones. With this type of watch, you will be able to travel to any place of the world and never lose track of the hours and date.

FAQs and Tips

How water-resistant is the watch?

The Seiko snk803 Automatic watch is designed with a splash-proof making it suitable for swimming in water level that is not above 30 m high but remember not to use your watch when you are diving. The Seiko snk803 Automatic watch also gives you an opportunity to swim but consider not swimming deeper than 50 m because you may damage it.

What languages are available?

The Seiko snk803 Automatic watch is among products that are sold internationally and may differ from local products. The Seiko snk803 offers both Spanish and English. It is easy for you to learn and set your Seiko snk803 Automatic watch in either of the two languages.

How durable is the Hardlex Crystal?

I know you are just wondering what experiences with Seiko’s Hardlex crystal are. Depending on the product model, a few Hardlex crystals are manufactured with an anti-reflective coating, but most Seiko watches such as Seiko SN803 are made of Hardlex but don’t have an anti-reflective coating.

Cleaning these scratches is very easy. The best method is to use a toothbrush and small amount toothpaste to rub it off.

Hardlex crystal is not that scratch resistant and therefore tends to crack faster than shatter into small shards but most of the Seiko watches are made of Hardlex mineral glass.

What’s the watch’s strap size?

The Seiko SN803 is a handsome watch which requires 37mm, and the finish has gunmetal that is appealing. Furthermore, Seiko watch has a generic strap and dial color combo which is well designed for the style.

Does this watch need a battery?

The fantastic thing with Seiko SN803 is that it does not require a battery for it to function. Instead of using a battery, Seiko SN803 automatic watch generates its power by using the kinetic energy generated the movement of your arm.

To rewind your Seiko SN803, you only need to gently shake it side to side for just a minute or more. The only real downside of the Seiko SN803 when it comes to the battery is that if you don’t wear it regularly, it will run short of energy and may not be able to capture accurate time.

How loud is this watch?

The Seiko watch is silent, and one should not be worried about being disturbed by the continuous watch clicks.

How long can the watch keep time when not worn?

Instead of using a battery, Seiko SN803 Automatic watch uses the kinetic energy generated by your movement. You should bear in mind that failure to wear your Seiko SN803 Automatic daily may lead to incorrect time but this one should not worry you because you can still wind it manually to keep it running and having a 48-hour power reserve is an advantage too.


Having reviewed the Seiko SN803, let us look at its drawbacks that we should point out. What are these major drawbacks?

The strap in Seiko SN803 is of poor quality and design since it has many nylon frays that make it uncomfortable when it comes to wearing it. However, you can improvise and pass it quickly over a candle to burn them off.  We recommend that you purchase extra straps.

Secondly, the loud rattling of the rotor and spring movement at an angle is so disturbing.

However, you will realize that the Seiko SN803 has more pros than cons and therefore we recommend that you purchase one at an affordable price of $68.99 as your entry-level automatic watch. I’m sure you will like the Seiko SN803 Automatic. Go for it!

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