Seiko SNK807 Automatic Blue – The Complete Review

Seiko SNK807 Automatic Blue

One of the greatest Japanese watch company is Seiko, and for years it they have proven the quality of their products. They have a long history of horological timepieces. Seiko has kept their traditions throughout the years and they are still known to make some of the best watches today. One of them is the Seiko SNK807.

Seiko SNK793 Automatic Review – The Complete Guide

Seiko SNK793 Automatic Review

Are you looking for an entry-level automatic watch? The good news is you can find some quality units like the Seiko SNK793 Automatic. This Japanese company has over 130+ years of industry experience and today is one of the world’s biggest makers of watches and clocks including the watch in this Seiko snk793 review.

Seiko VS Citizen | The Ultimate Guide

Seiko VS Citizen

Are you in the market for a new watch? If so then you have a cornucopia of options including styles, features, and qualities. The global watch market was worth nearly $9.8 billion last year, and the value continues to increase yearly. One of the options you have is Seiko vs Citizen watches.

Seiko SNK809 Review – The Ultimate Guide

Seiko SNK809 automatic review

Are you in the market for a quality yet affordable men’s watch? If so you should consider the Seiko SNK809 Automatic.  The Japanese company headquartered in Tokyo and has almost a century of experience designing/manufacturing watches. It makes a wide range of products including watches and clocks.