Best Watch For Law Enforcement In 2021

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If you are a law enforcement personnel in search of a quality watch, you are just at the right. This post on the best watch for law enforcement is dedicated to every law enforcement officer that is interested in adding a quality watch to their collection.

Also, if this is your first time of buying yourself a wristwatch or you are getting it as a gift for someone, we’ve got you covered. We will share a comprehensive guide to help you make the right call with selecting a quality watch and also share some reviews of the top picked experts’ watches.

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Best law enforcement watches For 2020

1. Casio Wristwatches GWM5610-1

Casio G-Shock GWM5610-1 Men's Solar Black Resin Sport Watch
  • Casual solar-powered watch with multiple functions including multi-band atomic timekeeping, shock resistance, LED backlight, world time (29 time zones, 48 cities), city code display, five daily...
  • Approximate battery life: 10 months on full charge (without further exposure to light)
  • Water resistant to 200 m (660 ft): In general, suitable for professional marine activity and serious surface water sports, but not scuba diving

We can’t be less overwhelmed by the simple design and quality of the Casio Wristwatches with the model code GWM5610-1. This is a fancy watch that can be used by law enforcement individuals such as police, soldier, army or swat team.

We fell in love with it when we saw it on a swat team member in one of the TV series and then we decide to give a personal review on the watch. It is a stylish watch with black colour and can become unnoticed in the dark if not for the light function of the watch.

Just as said shortly, it has an auto light feature which makes it easier for you to see the time in the dark and will never come up once the battery level of the watch falls to medium which can be seen with mark M on the face of the watch.

The watch is a multi-function watch with overwhelming design and it offers great level of accuracy to keep you right in time to any scene or any place. It is built with strong material that can withstand shock which is why it can withstand pressure and rigour from law enforcement duties.

The features of the watch include EL backlight, world time 29 time zones and 48 cities, city code display, five daily alarms, countdown timer, battery indicator, full-auto calendar, and power-saving function. It is also resistant to water up to about 200m.

Key features:

  • Water resistance up to 200 meters
  • EL backlight
  • Different time zones
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Comfy strap
  • Accurate timing

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2. Casio Men’s GW9400 Rangeman G-Shock Solar Atomic Watch

CASIO Men's GW-9400-1CR Master of G Stainless Steel Solar Watch
  • Solar-powered digital watch in stainless steel with multiple displays, red contrasts, and textured pushers
  • Quartz movement with analog display. The watch has memory for storage of up to 40 records of various types. If you perform an operation that creates a new record while there are already 40 records in...
  • Protective mineral crystal dial window
  • Features digital compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, sunrise and sunset date, time stamp, Mb6 atomic timekeeping, auto LED, four alarms, 1/10-second stop watch, countdown timer, day/date/month...
  • Water resistant to 660 feet (200 M): suitable for recreational scuba diving

The Casio Men’s GW9400Rangeman G-Shock Solar Atomic Watch is the next from Casio we have on our list for you. Every watch enthusiast would fall in love with this masterpiece timepiece.  This is a dynamic wristwatch with amazing design which makes it alluring and difficult to turn down.

You have nothing to worry about the longevity or the lifespan of the watch as it is engineered to stand the test of time. Irrespective of the twist at work as law enforcement, the shock resistance ensures you enjoy the best of the watch.

It has amazing attributes such as its ability to keep barometric pressure, altitude, temperature and direction reading easier for anyone. Also, the wristwatch can give sunrise and sunset data, it has one-touch time recording, and one-touch elapsed time measurement.

It comes with a black resin band that is comfy and lightweight. It makes it easier for anyone to wear the watch for as long as they want to. The blackface, red accents on the dial and other components add to the dynamism of the watch.

Controlling the digital display watch is easier to do with the buttons it comes with. It has easy to press buttons which makes it effortless to set the watch and ensure it is accurate. Also, to cap it all, the watch operates on solar power. It is indeed the combination of style, value, durability and quality.

Key features:

  • Low-temperature Resistant
  • Tough Solar Power
  • Shock Resistant
  • Mud Resistant Case & buttons are sealed to prevent mud
  • 200M Water Resistant
  • Triple Sensor w/Direct Access Button

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3. Casio Men’s GG-1000-1A3CR

From the look of the Casio Men’s GG-1000-1A3CR, you can easily agree that it is a sophisticated wristwatch with a top-quality design made with top quality materials that makes it so easy to use even in the harshest condition. It is built to handle different types of pressure and rigour.

The creativity behind the construction of the wristwatch is superb. The watch appears to be more like a sporty type and it is. Actually, it is a versatile wristwatch that can be used for all kind of activities. It is considered as one of the best for law enforcement because of the durability and ruggedness.

The wristwatch has all the features and requirement needed for a law enforcement wristwatch. The watch has all that you can look for in timepiece for any law enforcement officers. The watch comes with hour hands filled with luminous. It makes it easier for anyone to see the time in any dark conditions.

The dual timing makes it one of the best to consider when accuracy is all you are concerned about. It shows both analogue and digital timing. There is practically nothing to worry about the watch. The resin strap that comes with the wristwatch makes it comfy and lightweight.

Key features:

  • Dual time display
  • Luminous markers and hour hands
  • Comfy strap
  • Shock resistance
  • Mud resistance
  • Scratch resistance glass

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4. Casio G-Shock GA100-1A2

Casio G-Shock GA100-1A2 Ana-Digi Speed Indicator Black Dial Men's Watch
  • Water Resistant
  • The colors may differ slightly from the original.

The Casio G-Shock GA100-1A2 mixes analogue and digital displays and it also has a shock resistance feature alongside some other special features. It is a G-shock style of a wristwatch with the ability to resist water within 200 meters. It gives users the freedom to use even during rainy or snow season.

It is a versatile wristwatch that can be used anywhere. It is built with strong and top-quality materials that make it reliable to beat off dust, mud and pressure from an external force. It is engineered with high-quality materials which give it the chances to last longer than others.

It has 12/24 hours’ time format, alarm, countdown and stopwatch which makes it ideal for some other activities such as running, swimming, and some other sports. It is ideal for law enforcement personnel because of the ruggedness and operation.

Apart from the fact it is affordable, it is one of the timepieces you will always be happy to own. It has a speed indicator to keep you aware of your speed which is a precautious measure to ensure no law enforcement agent goes against the law.

The case size is 51 mm and with the comfy strap that comes with the wristwatch, you can be assured of convenience whenever you wear the wristwatch. The creativity and knowledge behind its design is amazing and overwhelming.

Key features:

  • Water resistance up to 200 meters
  • Stopwatch countdown
  • Speed indicator
  • Shock resistance

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5. Casio Men’s GA-110TS-1A4

Casio Men's GA-110TS-1A4 G-Shock Analog-Digital Watch With Grey Resin Band
  • Shock-resistant sports watch featuring black-and-orange dial with LED light, countdown timer, and 1/1000-second stopwatch
  • 55 mm resin case with mineral dial window. Magnetic Resistant
  • Quartz movement with analog-digital display
  • Also features 29 time zones (48 cities + coordinated universal time), city code display, daylight saving on/off, home city/world time city swapping, 5 daily alarms (with 1 snooze alarm), hourly time...
  • Water resistant to 200 m (660 ft): In general, suitable for professional marine activity and serious surface water sports, but not scuba diving

Still on G-shock and the next we have is the Casio Men’s GA-110TS-1A4. The wristwatch is one of the amazing products from Casio. It is a family of the G-shock with greater level of resistance to shock. The watch is accurate and responsive anytime you call on its service.

It has a black and orange dial with LED light which makes it glow and attractive to the wearer and observers. It has a countdown timer which can be used for different purposes with 1/1000 second stopwatch which makes it ideal for other sports.

The watch comes with a 55 mm resin case which makes it convenient on anyone’s wrists. The dial of the watch is enclosed with a mineral dial window to keep all components safe and secured. This is a dual watch display as it shows both analogue and digital.

It has amazing features from 29 times zone, 48 cities and coordinated universal time, city code display, daylight saving on and off, 5 daily alarms, hourly time signal, full auto-calendar, 12/24 hour time format and resin band with buckle closure to keep the watch secured on the hand.

It has the capacity to resist water up to 200 m which makes it ideal for sports such as swimming, but should never be considered for diving. It is a wonderful wristwatch that fits any occasion and with the quality material and creativity in its design, it has the propensity o last longer and serves you better.

Key features:

  • Shock resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Mineral dial window
  • Analog and digital display
  • Ideal for swimming
  • 29 time zones

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6. Casio Men’s GD100-1BCR

Casio Men's GD100-1BCR G-Shock X-Large Black Multi-Functional Digital Sport W...
  • Shock Resistant & 200M Water Resistant
  • Auto LED Backlight (Super Illuminator) with Large Digital Display Face
  • Multi-time (four different cities)
  • Five Independent Alarms (one-time or daily) and 12/24 Hour Formats
  • Full Auto Calendar (pre-programmed until the year 2099)

The Casio Men’s GD100-1BCR will be a great buy for every law enforcement guy out there. The watch is a stylish and alluring watch. It shows it is a product from one of the trusted brands in the industry and it is the last we have on our list from the G-shock series from Casio.

This is not a dual-display watch as it comes with only digital display style. It comes with a big screen which makes it easier for anyone to read the time. The quality of the material and the creativity behind the creation of the watch says much about the value of the wristwatch.

The wristwatch has black dial covered with mineral crystal window, It has super illuminator on the dial which makes it easier for you to see the time any time of the day even when you find yourself in any dark weather condition. Never will you be unaware of the time with this wristwatch.

It has multi-time features of about 4 cities, 12/24-time format, four independent alarms and it shows the day of the week very bold on the dial of the watch. One of the amazing features of the wristwatch is that it comes with auto-calendar which has been programmed till 2099.

It has all that you could ever look for in a watch as a law enforcement officer. It is rugged, durable, convenient to wear, comfortable at hand, and it is resistance to shock with the 200-meter capacity to withstand water.

Key features:

  • 5 Alarms
  • 4 time zones
  • Days of the week display
  • Water resistance
  • Shock resistance

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Luminox Watches for police officers

7. Luminox Men’s 3051 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch

Luminox Original Navy SEAL XS.3051.F Mens Watch 44mm - Military Dive Watch in Black Date Function 200m Water Resistant
  • Officially licensed by the United States Department of the Navy, the Navy SEAL series was developed to their specifications and suggestions. For over 25 years, Luminox has partnered with the world’s...
  • Technical Specifications: 200 meters / 660 feet / 20 ATM water resistant, Extremely robust hardened mineral glass, Unidirectional rotating Bezel, Date, Protected crown, CARBONOX screw on case back
  • Lighting Technology: Blue & green Luminox Light Technology on dial ring and second, minute and hour hands (LLT) - LLT: Self-powered illumination system employing tiny micro gas light sources; Always...
  • Details: Case diameter 44 mm, Case thickness 14 mm, Band length 8.25 inch, Band width 23 mm, Black CARBONOX case with Black Rubber band and Black dial
  • LUMINOX - Since 1989, Luminox has been dedicated to creating watches that combine precision, durability, and functionality.

Not everyone is a fan of G-shock wristwatch. So, we have one of the best watches from Luminox known as Luminox Men’s 3051 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch. Most times law enforcement officer will have to work at night where there is little light supply and you need this wristwatch to keep you aware of the time with its features.

This watch glows 100 times brighter than ever other luminous watches which makes it a perfect choice for those considering a wristwatch for low light or no light situation. The watch is durable and the design is overwhelming with all the adornment that comes with it.

It comes with the case size of 43.9-millimetre polyurethane and matching durable polyurethane band. The band has buckle clasp for a perfect snug fit.

The watch is a Swiss quartz movement watch with analogue display. It has eye-catching white Arabic numerals contrast with the classic black dial and smaller white numerals mark. It has a date on the three O’clock window and it has a topnotch unidirectional bezel that shows white minute indexes for easy readability.

What more do you desire from a wristwatch that you can’t get from this luminous watches? It doesn’t have shock resistance feature and if you are looking for that you should consider Casio watches. This as well does not have resistance to water features so it is never ideal for water sports.

Key features:

  • Luminous hour hands
  • Polyurethane band with embossed logo
  • Swiss quartz movement
  • Analog display
  • Crystal mineral dial window

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8. SureFire 2211 WristLight Series

SureFire 2211 Rechargeable Variable Output WristLight with Luminox Watch, 300 Lumens, Anodized Body (2211-B-BK-LMX)
  • High-performance LED and proprietary refractive optic produce a Broad beam at three useful levels: 300, 60, and 15 lumens
  • The press of either ambidextrous pushbutton switch Activates the LED on high, or it can be cycled through all levels by pressing both buttons simultaneously
  • Securely straps to support-hand wrist via a durable rubber wristband for instant access and automatic alignment with pistol when using normal two-handed grip
  • Integral luminox Watch features self-illuminating Dial for low-light readability. Built-in LED fuel gauge lets you know when to recharge battery
  • High-strength, lightweight aerospace aluminum construction with Mil-Spec hard Anodizing for extreme durability

Here is another wristwatch from Luminox known as SureFire 2211 WristLight Series. It is a wristwatch you can consider as law enforcement officer because of its tactical perspective. The wristwatch has amazing features and it is creatively built to meet the demands and standards of top-quality watches.

The wristwatch is admirable and alluring. Obviously, the design got me lost for a while at first glance at the wristwatch. The construction of the watch is sound and the design is overwhelming. The wristwatch comes with high performance LED and proprietary refractive Optic which produces a broad beam at three useful levels of 300, 60 and 15 lumens.

It comes with ambidextrous press switch which can be used to activate the LED on high and you can get it cycled all through the levels by pressing both buttons simultaneously. The watch comes with comfy straps which give adequate support to the wrist and ensure you can carry out your duties without hassles.

The design of the watch integrates self-illuminating dial for low light conditions. The built-in LED fuel gauge on the dial of the watch gives an indication of the battery life and tells you when and when not to recharge the battery.

Speaking of durability and longevity, the watch offers both. It is made with high strength materials, lightweight aerospace aluminium construction with Mil-Spec hard Anodizing touch.

Key features:

  • LED light display
  • Durable rubber wristband
  • Led fuel gauge indicator
  • High strength materials
  • Self-illuminating dial
  • Luminous fill on the hands

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SUUNTO watch for law officers

9. Suunto Core All Black Military Men’s Outdoor Sports Watch

Suunto Core Classic, Outdoor Watch, All Black
  • Suunto Core: This classic outdoor sports watch is packed with intelligent features like a Storm Alarm, Altimeter, Barometer and compass to keep you informed of conditions while you hike, bike, or camp
  • Essential for Adventure: This watch has dual times, date display, and alarm, plus predicted times for sunrise and sunset to help maximize your daylight hours and a depth meter accurate up to 30 feet
  • Suunto Sports Watches: Versatile and durable, Suunto sports watches are great for running, swimming, cycling, gym workouts, hiking, and other outdoor sports; Whatever your needs, Suunto has a watch...
  • Adventure Starts Here: Combining Scandinavian design with ultra durable materials, our watches track your sports, daily activity, and sleep to help you keep life, training and recovery in balance
  • Authentic Heritage: Founded in 1936, Suunto brings over 80 years of high quality heritage craftsmanship, relentless accuracy, and pioneering innovation to our watches, compasses, and dive products

The Suunto Core All Black Military Men’s Outdoor Sports Watch is a dynamic watch that offers all that you ever look for in a military watch. Although it comes sporty and that is just to add class and style to the value of the wristwatch. It is one of the best for law enforcement officers.

The wristwatch comes quite expensive but the value is sure a blast if you overlook the price tag. It is a stylish style that will be of great interest to any man out there who is either a navy, army, soldier, swat team member and many more that is in line with military work.

It as altimeter which is been used to track vertical movement, a barometer to measure the air pressure and tells you the trend and it has a compass which points the way to you so you can know the right direction you are heading to without losing track.

The wristwatch tells you about the storm and gets you pre-informed. This is more than just a normal or casual wristwatch. The core tracks both the weather and the sun. It has its operating temperature as follows -20° C to +60° C / -5° F to +140° F; Storage temperature: -30° C to +60° C / -22° F to +140° F.

Key features:

  • Intelligent storm alarm signal
  • Altimeter display
  • Barometer to measure air pressure
  • Compass for direction
  • Digital display
  • Weather indicator

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PALADA smartwatch for police

10. PALADA Men’s Digital Sports Watch

PALADA Men's Digital Sports Watch Waterproof Tactical Watch with LED Backlight Watch for Men (Black)
  • Digital watch: Fashionable sporty dial design, military style outlook. Big numbers display with light and large dial, show time clear even in the dark. Use import EL Lamp, press "LIGHT" button to see...
  • Sports watch: Suitable for men, especially to those who like doing sports, multi-functions make it perfect for both outdoor and indoor sports, such as running, climbing, fishing and so on
  • Water resistant to 50M / 164FT. In general,suitable for Swimming and cold shower,not suitable for long time underwater activities such as diving
  • LED backlight, 1/100 second digital stopwatch, auto calendar, hourly alarm and alarm clock, shock resistant, 12/24 hour formats
  • High quality watch: Senior rubber band, comfortable to wear. The dial window is made of acrylic mirror, high transparency, compressive and abrasion

Here is a tactical smartwatch in PALADA Men’s Digital Sports Watch that is designed for law enforcement officers. This will be a great gift to any male or female law officers you have as friends or family. The amazing part of the watch is that it is cheap and affordable for all.

This watch comes with water resistance which means it has been tested and ensured it can withstand pressure when used with 10 meters of water immersion. You are not advised to press any button when using it under the water and you should wipe after use.

The watch has a senior acrylic mirror window, the case of the wristwatch is made of ABS plastic which is very strong to ensure the watch is strong and durable. It has stainless steel clasp and the band is environmentally friendly.

The watch has a sport dial design and military-style look. On the dial, you have the big numbers which make it visible to anyone to see what the time says and some other features on the dial of the watch. The watch has a Light button which is been used to enhance the visibility in the dark.

It is resistance to water and can be used for swimming. It has other features such as auto calendar, hourly alarm and alarm clock, it has shock resistance feature, the acrylic mirror is highly transparent and it is clear for all to see.

Key features:

  • Alarm clock function
  • Japanese chipset
  • Water-resistant
  • Chronograph
  • 12/24H format selectable
  • Auto calendar

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Best Watch For Law Enforcement

 Law Enforcement Watches Buyer’s guide

There are things that you ought to consider when buying a wristwatch for a law enforcement officer.


The brand of the watch is an important factor that should be considered when buying wristwatch for any law enforcement officer. There are many brands in the industry with the production of lots of wristwatches aimed at law enforcement officers but not all can meet the standard requirement.

It is why you should do your research and ensure you choose rightly. One of the best is Casio with some others that we have discussed in this post. You can find some of the brands of the watches you can choose above.


The features of the watch are another important factor you should consider. Some of them are the light, the durability, the weight, the strap, the case, resistance to water, and many more. Some of these factors are what we considered before we went ahead to choose the lists of the best we have discussed above.


Another factor to consider is the price of the watch. Some come expensive and some are cheap and affordable. Does it mean the cheap are fewer quality watches? NO. Some are made with high-quality materials and with features you will find in some expensive watches.

It is advisable that you look out for the watch that matches your budget, style and taste. Mind you, quality watches don’t come cheap. So, you must be ready to spend to acquire the best from the market.


If you are on the lookout for the best watch for law enforcement, you have found yourself at the right place. We have top quality watches selected from trusted brands that are ideal for law enforcement personnel. We carefully look into the features of what they would require from a watch and we have selected those that match the requirements.

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